‘Memory Museum’ of the once famous trading port of Hoi An: Vintage architecture, a collection of precious antiques and unparalleled service

TMG – Before becoming a world-famous destination, Hoi An was a busy trading port, and before that, a peaceful fishing village on the coast of Cua Dai. Like an onion, you can peel back the fascinating history of ancient Hoi An layer by layer. Over the years, Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa has […]

Everything you need to know about the Alms Giving Ceremony at Luang Prabang

TMG – When visiting Luang Prabang, travelers will have the opportunity to experience the Alms Giving Ceremony – a beautiful religious image of Laos. The “tak bat” activity in Luang Prabang, aka Alms Giving Ceremony, is a significant cultural and religious ritual every morning. It involves Buddhist monks collecting alms from the local community, usually […]