Our Brands

Our Brands

Since 1994, TMG has risen to become a leader in the travel and hospitality industry throughout Asia. From our beginnings as a boutique adventure tour operator, we have experienced exponential growth and have diversified to offer a spectrum of services across the industry. With hospitality, aviation, and holiday experience brands, TMG provides end–to–end travel services for our customers. This aligns with our goal to inspire people by delivering unique travel experiences. We ensure every step of our guests’ journey is simple and convenient by providing accommodation, aviation, cruises, restaurants, and other booking services.

TMG Destination Management possesses extensive local knowledge, expertise, and resources, specializing in designing and implementing events, activities, tours, transportation, and program logistics.
By taking IT, customer service excellence, responsible travel, and community orientation as core competencies, TMG has successfully built up a stable platform to serve customers efficiently and with distinction.

TMG Hospitality provides specialist hospitality and management services to the group and partners’ hotel brands. After almost two decades of hospitality management, TMG Hospitality has a portfolio of eleven hotels & resorts which host more than 200,000 guests annually, as well as many cruising travel opportunities in key tourism destinations in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

TMG Online provides online solution for searching and booking tours and accommodation.

TMG is continuing its tradition of creating new and bold travel experiences for clients by introducing Hai Au Aviation, Vietnam’s first seaplane service for tourism. Offering flights over some of the country’s most iconic destinations, such as Halong Bay and Can Tho, Hai Au Aviation allows guests to enjoy the spectacular view from the top and dramatically reduce travel times.