Don’t miss this 3-day / 2-night Mai Chau summer travel itinerary on visiting northern Vietnam

Don’t miss this 3-day / 2-night Mai Chau summer travel itinerary on visiting northern Vietnam

TMG – Like a beautiful green emerald nestled in the mountains and forests of northwestern Vietnam, Mai Chau offers a wonderful mix of people and nature, home to delicious cuisine and a range of cultural activities.

This summer, discover the serene beauty of Mai Chau on a 3-day, 2-night getaway with Mai Chau Lodge, Mai Chau’s top accommodation destination.

Only about 150 km from Hanoi, Mai Chau Lodge is the ideal retreat from busy city life where visitors can find a restorative getaway anytime of the week.

Day 1

Morning and noon

Travel hassle-free from Hanoi to Mai Chau Lodge with the hotel’s car service, or choose from reputable bus companies such as Thien Minh Transport.

A 3-hour drive takes visitors to Mai Chau Lodge, right off National Highway 15, next to the inviting Mo Luong Lake. At the lodge, guests can choose between two types of rooms with views over the outdoor swimming pool or of Pu Kha Mountain to the east of Mai Chau.

For an even more intimate experience with nature, the lodge offers stylish glamping domes set on the hotel’s grounds. These high-end domes are Mai Chau’s first glamping accommodations, fully equipped for an ultra-comfortable stay. Enjoy modern facilities as you immerse yourself in the natural surroundings of Mai Chau with friends and family on a unique camping holiday.

After check-in, guests can head to Bo Luong Restaurant at Mai Chau Lodge for lunch. Mai Chau cuisine is a can’t-miss feature of a trip to Vietnam’s northwestern mountains with its bold flavors and eye-catching presentation. From free-range pork to freshwater fish, mountain snails to bamboo rice, Mai Chau specialties both fuel guests up for fun-filled days of exploring as well as provide insight into the unique culinary culture of the area.

After a tasty lunch, it’s time for some rest in the guest room.


After an afternoon nap, guests can explore the four chambers of Mo Luong Cave, just on the other side of National Highway 15 from the lodge. Part of the Pu Kha mountain range, Mo Luong Cave is one of Mai Chau’s top attractions in Hoa Binh province.

After exploring the four chambers to admire the many stalactite formations and hearing the story of Mo Luong Cave, where Vietnamese troops took shelter during the Northwest campaign, guests can walk to see the head of Mo Luong Lake right inside the Mo Luong Cave, which is why this trek is also dubbed “trekking back to the source”.

After a visit to Mo Luong Cave, guests can opt to go kayaking on Mo Luong Lake or relax in the hotel’s essential oil-infused steam and sauna room or have a soak in the jacuzzi. Benefits include sweating out toxins, enhancing circulation and boosting the immune system, reducing mental stress, and improving sleep quality. All these services are complimentary for guests of Mai Chau Lodge.


In the evening, guests are set to enjoy another meal of regional specialties at Bo Luong Restaurant. There’s also an option to pre-book local cultural performances, including traditional music and bamboo dancing, accompanied by glasses of can wine (fermented rice wine) which are all perennial guest favorites.

After a long day of engaging activities, guests can head back to their rooms and fall into a peaceful sleep in the heart of Mai Chau Valley.

Day 2

Morning and noon

Waking up in a tranquil setting far from bustling Hanoi is all the motivation you need to borrow a bicycle from the lodge for a ride around the rice field. After an invigorating ride in the fresh morning air, it’s back to Bo Luong Restaurant for a buffet breakfast and a steaming cup of coffee to recharge you for another great day at Mai Chau Lodge.

Mornings are when the pink water lilies bloom on Mo Luong Lake. Flower enthusiasts and those looking for the perfect backdrop for photos and videos can kayak on the lake for the best vantage point. However, you should go before 10 am as this is when the flowers begin to close for the day.

For more glimpses into local life, guests can sign up to play ethnic folk games such as spinning tops, stilt walking, and stick throwing. These games are held in the banana plantation/campfire area right on the lodge’s premises. Local lodge guides are on hand to provide more information on the customs and practices of the highland people. While these children’s games may seem easy, they’re actually much more challenging than meets the eye and are a blast to try and master.

After having fun in Mai Chau Lodge’s garden area, guests can clean up before having lunch at Bo Luong Restaurant, followed by a siesta.


The gardens around our glamping site burst with color under the afternoon sun, the perfect time to get dressed up for great check-in photos with friends and family. Guests can also pre-book an afternoon tea party for a premium experience and another “wow” photo backdrop.

To experience more of the local culture, guests can book a Keng Loong performance involving traditional woodwind instruments played by local Thai ethnic minority groups. In doing so, guests are helping the local community to preserve this age-old form of music.

The lodge also has gorgeous brocade woven costumes for rent to level up the Instagram feeds of your whole party.


To end a day of fun, enjoy an outdoor BBQ under magical shimmering lights in the garden glamping area. Prepared by the kitchen team at Bo Luong Restaurant, this feast of richly marinated meats features flavors from the surrounding mountains and forests. Please book this in advance so the staff can have everything ready by mealtime.

Day 3


Start your final day in Mai Chau with a walk or cycling trip around the villages, stopping at handicraft stalls to see what the local artisans have to offer.

After breakfast at Bo Luong Restaurant, it’s time to say goodbye to Mai Chau Lodge and head back to the fast-paced life of the city. Guests can also order take-away lunches for the car ride back.

For more information about Mai Chau Lodge, a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), please contact:
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