A Week of Transformation: Digital Storyteller Yosuke Hatakeyama’s Inspirational First Foray Into the Wonders of Vietnam

A Week of Transformation: Digital Storyteller Yosuke Hatakeyama’s Inspirational First Foray Into the Wonders of Vietnam

TMG – In May 2024, Japanese freelance content creator Yosuke Hatakeyama embarked on his first-ever trip to Vietnam. His eight-day, seven-night journey unfolded with a whirlwind of positive emotions, filled with beautiful experiences and lasting impressions of the country and its people.

Yosuke visited Vietnam for the first time in his life.

Hanoi: A Charming Transit Hub

Yosuke’s first stop was in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Despite only having a short stopover in the city, Yosuke was deeply impressed by what he saw.

“This time I was only able to stay in Hanoi for not even a whole day, but I could see how beautiful the city is. I can’t wait to go back and explore there again,” Yosuke shared on his Instagram account, which has nearly 40,000 followers.

Despite his busy travel schedule, Yosuke remembered to take care of himself. Amidst his packed itinerary to explore as much of Vietnam as possible, he still made time to hit the gym at the hotel he was staying in. According to Yosuke, Flower Garden in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is an ideal base to explore the vibrant and historical capital, especially for those with limited time like him on this trip to Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay Heritage

Like many international visitors to Vietnam, Yosuke’s next stop was the natural world heritage site of Ha Long Bay. “Every detail you see while cruising through the bay is mesmerizing,” Yosuke shared with his followers. “The breeze and the scenery here in Ha Long Bay are worth visiting when you’re coming to Vietnam.”

On board the Emeraude Classic cruise ship, a vessel with a story that began with a postcard in a Parisian flea market, Yosuke found many ideal spots to capture memorable moments during his tour.

At the Ha Long Bay scenic spot, Yosuke had the second experience of his trip: a seaplane scenic flight with Hai Au Aviation. “Definitely feeling like my life is moving to a better direction. There were things that I was just dreaming of doing someday, and now I’m able to experience some, enjoying the moments of my life,” Yosuke wrote after experiencing Ha Long Bay from a height of 300 meters.

Hai Au Aviation’s seaplane scenic flight was one of the favorite things Yosuke did in Vietnam during his first trip to the country.

Central Vietnam: Sun, Wind, and Sea

Bidding farewell to the North, Yosuke headed to the peaceful countryside of Nui Thanh in Central Vietnam via Chu Lai Airport. At Tam Tien Beach, Yosuke found a sense of both rural and coastal Vietnam—rustic, peaceful, and pristine.

At the 5-star TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An resort, Yosuke found joy in playing tennis with the resort manager, experiencing UTV off-roading on the Tam Tien beach dunes, simply standing still and taking in the wind blowing through the casuarina trees, or soaking in the infinity pool. “Who’s calm and active at the same time like me?” Yosuke asked his Instagram followers jokingly.

Yosuke’s time at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An.

Quang Nam is an area with many beautiful destinations. Leaving Tam Tien, Nui Thanh, Yosuke headed to Cua Dai Beach, 5 km from the center of the old town. Unlike the Old Quarter, which is always bustling with tourists, Cua Dai Beach offered Yosuke a sense of tranquility. A private enough space for him to watch the sunrise over Cu Lao Cham and the coconut trees swaying in the wind.

“We all have our own definitions of happiness, and life is a journey to find what it really means to ourselves.” These were Yosuke’s thoughts as he soaked up the sunshine and sea breeze at Cua Dai Beach.

Gliding across the waves on a catamaran sailboat departing from the Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa, Yosuke couldn’t hide his contentment. “This was one of the coolest things I’ve experienced,” Yosuke shared with his online followers. The internet may be virtual, but real emotions are what he wants to convey to those who still love and support him.

As his Vietnamese adventure drew to a close, Yosuke felt a tinge of sadness during his farewell. “I can’t wait to go back there to see more beauty that Vietnam has to offer!”

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