The Victoria Hoi An is like staying on a private island

The Victoria Hoi An is like staying on a private island

TMG – Standing completely in the nude in nature, with the sky and clouds unapologetically doing their thing, may seem a bit extreme. However, a private outdoor shower makes all the sense in the world, creating an intimate space to feel at one with what mother nature has to offer. In this case, it is also what the Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa has on offer.

Spa Services in Victoria. Source: Victoria Hoi An.

As the water droplets fall against the skin, it is uncertain whether they are coming from the grey clouds or the shower. Whatever its source, the heat and humidity welcome the fresh splash.

The Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa is located on a lovely stretch of beach just a few kilometers from the town’s historic centre. On the property guests will find tastefully designed villas and bungalows, the majority of which directly face the open ocean. From the large communal swimming pool, the private beach, a tennis court, a games floor and exquisite dining options, guests may want to note down the location for a long-term stay. It is set apart by its details which make the stay that much more comfortable, where the customer feels cared for.

The Victoria Hotel chain is known to be prestigious on a more subtle level. The decor, staff and locations all work together to make the experience calm, embracing the act of slow-living and appreciating fine opulence. Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa was opened in 2001, establishing Hoi An’s very first spa. In 2017, Victoria Hotels and Resorts celebrated their 20th anniversary, a milestone which magnified the company’s contribution to the luxury hospitality industry between Laos and Vietnam.

Spa services at Victoria Hoi An. Source: Victoria Hoi An.

One core value which is demonstrated in all of their establishments is the embodiment of local culture and tradition. Rather than allowing the concept of luxury overshadow the complexity of their message, they let culture be the foundation of the experience. This ensures that Victoria Hotels and Resorts continue to preserve tradition whilst keeping up with the constant movement of trends on a global scale. Guests will stay in a haven, offering antique charm with modern and opulent amenities. 

“The establishment wraps around tastefully designed villas and bungalows, the majority of which directly face the open ocean”

At the top of the grand entry-way staircase lies the lobby. Just before entering, there is an outdoor pathway which is dotted with shops and boutiques. It resembles a concentrated alley which represents the market-inspired culture of Hoi An’s town center. The resort itself is situated along the coast, about a ten-minute drive from the well-preserved ancient town. It is secluded without being cut off from the lively atmosphere of Hoi An’s vibrant city-life.

The lobby is stately whilst managing to give off a snug atmosphere. It has the same feel as a grand living room with long wooden beams to support the high ceilings, comfortable armchairs and a welcome tea made with sweetly-infused cinnamon. Once the check-in is complete, there is nothing left to do but be brought to the room, a jaw-dropping moment in itself.

For all intents and purposes, calling it a ‘room’ is insufficient; it’s a villa. Lush green grass surrounds the compound, only interrupted by cobble stone pathways, a large swimming pool overlooking the ocean and the courts used for recreational time. In the Ocean View Suite, there is a small porch which guarantees an unobstructed view of the sunset across the horizon. Located by the shore, guests can forget about falling asleep to white noise or commercially procured rain sounds from personal playlists. Mother nature provides the soothing crashing of waves for a meditative-like sleep.

The resurrection ceremony at the Victoria Hoi An. Source: Victoria Hoi An.

Although the overall space is luxurious in its own ways, the outdoor shower is definitely the star of the show. That, or the jacuzzi hot-tub. Even on rainy days, the outdoor shower gives the otherwise mundane and repetitive task a fairytale ambience. From the greenery scattered on the wet cobblestone to the open-air sky, guests can be quick to forget that they are not in the middle of the jungle.

There is something so serene about the layout of the villa. Even with a large double bed, a desk, a TV and a sitting area, there is still so much space around the main room. Not to mention, there is a smaller area which leads to the sybaritic bathroom. 

Ocean View Suite at Victoria Hoi An. Source: Victoria Hoi An.

A mini seating area is situated in this space, represented by a small coffee table and two floor mats to get into a wholesome game of cards. The entire space is simply a quaint bubble ideal for some downtime and relaxation.

“Rather than allowing the concept of luxury overshadow the complexity of their message, they let culture be the originator of the company’s overall splendor”

The phrase, “I slept like a baby” has never been more true than a night stay at the Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa. The obvious action to take after such a restful nights sleep is to devour a nourishing breakfast. The buffet breakfast at the resort does not disappoint. In fact, it mimics a five-star business-style spread. Their in-house restaurant (which also serves lunch and dinner), presents multiple large tables filled with all sorts of edible goodness. There is sweet, savory and everything in between. It is one of those breakfasts where guests can pile everything on multiple plates with no shame.

After a hearty start of the day, guests can choose to lounge about around the resort. It is quite easy to do given the sheer variety of activities solely based around the property. There is a football pitch, tennis court, private beach, a cinema room, a fitness center, spa area, and a bar. It is impossible to go wrong. However, if one wishes to explore the surroundings, going into Hoi An or venturing out to nearby Da Nang, the resort also arranges tours and transfers.

Along Cua Dad Beach in Hoi An, Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa not only showcases what intimate opulence looks like, but does it in a way that is both practical and includes just about everything. The location, services, dining options and rooms all merge to make this unforgettable experience comfortable and mindful. Whilst the area where the resort is located is relatively small, everything is spaced out, creating a remarkable open-air sensation. It is like being on a rather attentively furnished private island.

Source: Beau Monde Traveler

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