Victoria Hoi An’s famous L’Annam Croissant

Victoria Hoi An’s famous L’Annam Croissant

TMGOne of the best things about Hoi An’s amazing history and diverse culture is its unique dishes. And something not to be missed when traveling to Hoi An is the croissants from L’Annam Restaurant.

Victoria Hoi An

The story of the croissant

Croissants are closely associated with French cuisine and over the years, the hot, fragrant, buttery croissants from L’Annam Restaurant have left a deep impression on many domestic and foreign visitors who have had the opportunity to set foot in the beautiful, Indochina-inspired Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa.

Victoria Hoi An
Croissants – the pride of France, have now become a best-seller breakfast dish for guests staying at Victoria Hoi An.

More than a quick and delicious breakfast item, every croissant from L’Annam at Victoria Hoi An also offers visitors from inside and outside Vietnam, from adults to children, from Asian to European guests, a sample of the unique combination of typical French and traditional Vietnamese flavors often found in this UNESCO-listed heritage city.

The croissant has a long and well-traveled history. Originally called “kipferl” in Austria (meaning “crescent moon”), the pastry was then known as a “croissant” (also “crescent moon”) when it arrived in France in the 18th century, thanks to a royal European love affair. When the croissant came to Vietnam, it was locally dubbed “buffalo horn pastry” after its peculiar shape, showing how closely life here is tied to agriculture.

The secret to scrumptious croissants

The croissants from Victoria Hoi An’s L’Annam Restaurant don’t just tempt guests from West to East, they also are a source of culinary inspiration. From the delicious, slightly sweet taste of the inside pastry to the flaky, buttery crust, each bite of a piping hot croissant lovingly kneaded by the hands of L’Annam chefs is a contribution to the treasure trove of Vietnamese cuisine.

L'annam restaurant
From the slightly sweet taste of the inside pastry to the flaky, buttery crispy crust of the outside, croissants, made by the talented hands of L’annam’s chefs, will somewhat contribute to the overall culinary experience of tourists in the UNESCO heritage city, making it even more exciting.

To make scrumptious croissants, L’Annam’s talented chefs start by selecting the highest quality ingredients. Fine flour and fresh butter are combined to make a dough that results in the flaky crust and soft insides characteristic of a great croissant. The process of rolling, folding, and baking until the pastry is golden brown requires great concentration and patience.

L'annam restaurant
Croissants are thought to be easy to make but actually require a high level of skill and meticulousness in each step of kneading to create the best possible.

Another must-have ingredient to create a great croissant-eating experience at L’Annam is the smiles from the restaurant staff. More than an enthusiastic welcome, the smiles and warm hospitality that have become a trademark of Victoria Hoi An are also a part of the croissant experience and really, the general dining experience at L’Annam, ensuring guests at L’Annam and Victoria Hoi An leave happy.

L'annam restaurant
The friendly smiles and enthusiastic spirit of the staff at Victoria Hoi An in general have gradually become the trademark of this 4-star resort.

Modeled after a coastal fishing village, the Indochina-inspired design of Victoria Hoi An also contributes towards the enjoyment of delicious croissants at the resort. Guests having breakfast at L’Annam can choose to sit outside by the lovely plumeria trees, overlooking the infinity pool and Cua Dai Beach. For a more intimate dining experience, select an indoor table surrounded by classic Vietnamese décor, enhanced by an impressive skylight and indoor greenery.

L'annanm restaurant
Guests can choose to sit outside L’Annam Restaurant, to enjoy the view of the blooming plumeria flowers as well as the romantic Cua Dai beach and the Infinity Pool.
L'annam restaurant
Or if you prefer a more private space, the restaurant also has a Vietnamese-style seating area with an impressive skylight above green trees.

At L’Annam Restaurant, guests are always close to nature, turning every meal at Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa into an ultimately memorable one.

From croissants to Victoria Hoi An

Many visitors come back time and again to L’Annam Restaurant, not only for the amazing croissants but because of the many exciting culinary experiences on offer at Victoria Hoi An.

Victoria Hoi An
Visit Hoi An for an unforgettable culinary journey of not only L’annam restaurant but also of this peaceful and ancient land!

Here, croissants are much more than just a breakfast item; they’re part of a journey to discovering the soul of peaceful, ancient Hoi An. You owe it to yourself to come here, even if it’s just once, to savor the delicious flavors of Hoi An in every scrumptious morsel of flaky croissant.

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