Explore Chau Doc by rustic bike trailer

Explore Chau Doc by rustic bike trailer

TMG – The image of a simple bike trailer has long been a very common one for the people of Chau Doc. There’s even a saying that ‘if you haven’t ridden on a bike trailer, you haven’t really been to Chau Doc’.

More than just beautiful natural landscapes, fascinating historical relics and a melting pot of cultures, Chau Doc in An Giang province is also home to a range of unique activities not to be found anywhere else.  

Among them is sightseeing by bike trailer, one of the highlights of a trip to Chau Doc. Mr. Tran Cao Sang, Front Desk Supervisor at Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), says that this is one of many activities that tourists and families enjoy doing when staying in Chau Doc.  

“The bike trailer was actually a very popular means of transportation in the old days in the Mekong Delta. Today, you won’t find it in very many places. Chau Doc is one of the few places that have preserved the bike trailer for tourism purposes. 

“A bike trailer is a vehicle that uses pedal power to transport passengers. The Chau Doc-style bike trailer differs from a pedicab in that, with a pedicab, the driver sits on his bicycle at the back while passengers sit in the front. As for the bike trailer, visitors will be the ones sitting in the back while the driver sits in front.  

“Riding in a bike trailer is very comfortable. Because it uses human power, the bike trailer does not go too fast. Passengers can sit back and enjoy the scenery and cool breezes at a leisurely pace. It’s easy to book a bike trailer ride. Just go to the front desk at Victoria Chau Doc Hotel and they can arrange a bike trailer for you to experience the lovely street scenes of Chau Doc by night.  

“Guests at Victoria Chau Doc Hotel also like to take photos with the bike trailer. As I said, it’s distinctive to Chau Doc. We have even set up a bike trailer right at the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel so that guests can take pictures. Guests are invited to have a seat on the bike trailer, either as a passenger or driver, for pictures, and afterward, peddle their friends and family around for some great souvenir photos.” 

For more information about Victoria Chau Doc Hotel and its sightseeing morning tours, please contact:

Hotline: 1800 599955

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Website: https://www.victoriahotels.asia/

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