Balcony view: Where the rivers meet at Victoria Chau Doc

Balcony view: Where the rivers meet at Victoria Chau Doc

TMG – An enduring witness to the power of time and space, the dreamy Victoria Chau Doc Hotel is perched where two rivers merge into one in Vietnam’s lush Mekong Delta.

Situated in a prime location where the Hau and Chau Doc rivers meet, Victoria Chau Doc Hotel offers visitors looking to explore the province of An Giang an authentic stay showcasing the very heart of southern Vietnam. From the elegant façade at 1 Le Loi Street through to the back terrace overlooking where two rivers meet in the city of Chau Doc, guests are invited to take in the unique beauty of Vietnam’s southwest region.

Indochina Currents

Known for its classic Indochinese architecture, Victoria Chau Doc Hotel stands as a silent, enduring witness to time and space on the banks of the two rivers that flow through the city.

Guests at Victoria Chau Doc are treated to a living museum of culture and history, inspired by a vintage color palette of deep yellows and warm browns along with delicate architectural lines borrowed from a time gone by.

Chau Doc is famed for its intersection of cultures, including the Vietnamese Kinh and the ethnic Cham minority group, descendants of the ancient Champa kingdom. Walk through Victoria Chau Doc’s lobby and bar area and feel the blending of cultures, from a Buddha head statue to a traditional set of Rabana drums and a weaving loom used by the Cham people. Meanwhile, a gurgling water fountain and a wooden weather predictor add an element of whimsy to the airy space, bringing a bit of nature indoors at this lovely property just a stone’s throw from the Vietnam – Cambodia border.

From the balconies and terraces of Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, guests are treated to vistas of boats and barges gliding by just where the Hau and Chau Doc rivers combine into one. The rhythmic put-put of the boat engines punctuates this authentic vignette of life in the Vietnamese countryside as the boats crisscross the river alongside colorful floating houses that make up the fishing villages moored along the river banks, all combining for a vibrant, ever-changing look into life lived on and by the river.

From the hotel’s very own jetty, guests can book boat tours to observe sunrise on the river or cruise upstream to the historic Vinh Te Canal. Built in the early 1800s, this 87km-long canal along the Vietnamese – Cambodia border has economic, political and military importance, an impressive achievement by previous generations of Vietnamese, showcasing their ingenuity and strategic vision.

The unique cuisine of the Mekong Delta

Ranked one of Chau Doc’s top restaurants, Bassac Restaurant & Bar at Victoria Chau Doc Hotel offers diners a diverse menu featuring bold dishes crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The extensive selection offers both rustic specialties and gourmet fare meticulously prepared by our talented chefs.

Speaking of the restaurant at Victoria Chau Doc, the first thing that many visitors, both local and foreign, think of is the Victoria Chau Doc signature dessert, Bananas Flambée, only available at Bassac Restaurant. Made from locally-grown areca bananas, spirits, chocolate and orange juice, the restaurant’s Bananas Flambé is not only striking in appearance and delicious in taste, but comes with a unique origin story.

Boasting a distinctively stylish beauty and enthusiastic service provided by dedicated staff, Victoria Chau Doc is the ideal destination for both domestic and international tourists looking to explore the enigmatic beauty of An Giang province in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Stay at Victoria Chau Doc to experience the authentic allure of Indochina while enjoying a wonderful holiday with family and friends.


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