Experience the life of a fish farmer at a floating village in Chau Doc

Experience the life of a fish farmer at a floating village in Chau Doc

TMG – Just across from Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, where the Chau Doc and Hau rivers meet, is a floating village where residents practice fish farming.

When people hear of Chau Doc, they often think of natural landscapes, distinctive cuisine, and the blending of many different cultures.

This border town is home to four ethnic communities that live side-by-side: the Kinh, the Chinese, the Cham, and the Khmer. This diversity is even reflected in the many different ways people make a living. Among them is the Chau Doc floating village, where visitors can get an authentic glimpse into how people farm freshwater fish on the Chau Doc and Hau rivers.

Mr. Tran Cao Sang, Front Office Supervisor of Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), says that visiting the floating village is one of the top activities enjoyed by tourists and families when vacationing in Chau Doc.

One of the sightseeing tours offered by Victoria Chau Doc Hotel starts by boarding a boat right from the hotel’s own pier and cruising to the fishing village across the river from the hotel. Visitors will have the opportunity to hear directly from the boat owners how the local people raise and feed the fish over the eight months it takes to get them to market.

This fascinating excursion provides a look into the lives of the people who live and work on the water in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.

Tourists enjoy the experience of feeding fish at Chau Doc floating village

Fish farming, where the two rivers meet in Chau Doc, is an age-old way of life. And seeing how the fish go into a frenzy at feeding time is a true highlight for both adults and children.

During the day, the floating fishing village is interesting enough. However, when night falls, and the lights around the village come on, the village transforms into a dreamy nightscape, like twinkling stars on the water.

However, more than just a pretty sight, turning on all the lights is actually for safety reasons, as boats crisscross the river junction at night.

Chau Doc floating village shimmers mysteriously at night

From the restaurant at Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, you can see the floating fish farms on the other side of the river. The restaurant also serves dishes made from the region’s famous catfish.

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