Trekking at Victoria Nui Sam Lodge

Trekking at Victoria Nui Sam Lodge

TMG – Winning over guests with its unique beauty and prime location, Victoria Nui Sam Lodge also offers a range of interesting discovery activities, such as a mini trek on Sam Mountain.

With a customer-centered approach, Victoria Nui Sam Lodge, a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), has guided many guests on complimentary trekking trips around Sam Mountain. Hiking the lodge grounds adds another enriching experience to every stay.

With the ability to select trekking tours of various distances, guests are invited not only to explore Sam Mountain and immerse themselves in the natural landscapes of An Giang, but also to get in some exercise, strengthen the body, and take on a rewarding physical challenge.

Mr. Tran Huynh Tan of the Customer Care Department at Victoria Nui Sam talks about the mini trek, one of two trekking activities at the lodge.

Combining a resort stay with health tourism, our lodge offers two trekking tours for guests: a mini trek and a Sam Mountain trekking tour.

With the mini trek, guests go hiking on the lodge grounds, starting from the villa area of Sam Mountain and ending at Block A, the family bungalow area. Guests are able to take in panoramic views of Sam Mountain, including the swimming pool and rice fields, along with other facilities on the lodge grounds.

The Sam Mountain mini-trek is a great experience for anyone who loves nature. It’s the perfect opportunity to blend nature with exercise.

In addition to the scenic infinity pool and picturesque rice fields often seen on websites and social media networks, there are many more unique sights that only trekkers are able to appreciate, including the charming water lily pond constructed near the infinity pool. Along the trek, you can see foliage, flowers, and even birdlife. Trekkers can also see non-native plants and shrubs imported from the Mediterranean and South America, which adds a lovely surprise to the hike, especially for those interested in horticulture and biology.

Additionally, the lodge has added some challenging features to the mini trek, including installing boulders and bushes to create a true trekking experience.”

Come to Victoria Nui Sam Lodge and join us on fun and exciting trekking tours.

For more information about Victoria Nui Sam Lodge and our trekking tour, please contact:

Hotline: 1800599955

Email: [email protected]


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