Summer fun with trips and trees at Victoria Nui Sam for children

Summer fun with trips and trees at Victoria Nui Sam for children

TMG –  Not only providing high-class resort services, but Victoria Nui Sam Lodge also aims to cultivate a love of nature for children right from summer trips.

Trees play an essential role in human life. And love for trees needs to be cultivated from an early age. That’s why Victoria Nui Sam Lodge, a Thien Minh Group (TMG) member, includes free tree planting in its summer travel program for families with kids.

Let’s listen to Ms. Le Huynh Nhi, Front Office Manager of Victoria Nui Sam Lodge, to learn more about this activity.

At Victoria Nui Sam Lodge, there are many ornamental plants, making the campus more lively. Each of these has its own story. For families staying at Victoria Nui Sam Lodge, especially ones with children, our hotel encourages children to participate in tree-planting activities. This is a meaningful activity that not only helps children to be aware of the importance of the environment but also to be aware of the protection of trees.

Our garden colleague, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, who directly cares for the trees within the Victoria Nui Sam campus, guides the children.

“Today, we have three types of plants: mini sunflower, Japanese chrysanthemum, and periwinkle flower. Periwinkle’s characteristics are easy to grow and drought tolerant. Japanese chrysanthemums are alike, but the flowers are very beautiful yellow. When blooming, there will be many flowers. The mini sunflower blooms on its small petals, but the red flowers are also stunning and eye-catching. But mini sunflowers take about three months to bloom,” said Tung.

Planting trees is interesting for kids like Nguyen Huu Nghia, a sixth-grade boy. “I find it easy to plant trees, but I like to plant small, flower ones, not big trees because they’re beautiful and easy to grow,” shared Nghia.

On participating in tree-planting activities at Victoria Nui Sam, children will be shown around to visit the garden area. There are many trees that kids can see, such as Thai pineapple, golden shower tree, plumeria, fish-pole bamboo, and lemon tree. Finally, the hotel will gift each child a book about Victoria Nui Sam trees.

“This entertainment activity is for the summer days when the children come to our lodge to give them a sense of being closer to nature. The learning activity is helpful for children in the future,” Tung believed.

“We should plant trees to make the environment more beautiful, and we will have a source of oxygen to supply us,” young Nghia asserted.

For more information about Victoria Nui Sam Lodge and its planting-tree activities, please contact:Hotline: 1800 599955

Email: [email protected]


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