Victoria Can Tho Resort: How long is 10 years of marriage?

Victoria Can Tho Resort: How long is 10 years of marriage?

TMG – Peer into Dang and Khanh’s touching 10-year journey of love through a series of classic, romantic photos taken at the beautiful Indochina-inspired Victoria Can Tho Resort.

Ten years is a significant amount of time when it comes to married life because 10 years is long enough for young people to mature, to become partners and companions who understand each other, and share cherished moments. It’s a decade of creating beautiful life memories, like organizing a 10th wedding anniversary photo shoot at Victoria Can Tho Resort known for its style and classic beauty.

With a view of looking back and cherishing their 10-year love story as well as the exciting journey ahead, Dang and Khanh decided to take commemorative photos at Victoria Can Tho Resort.

Classical Symphony of Colors

Dressed in wedding attire, him in a stylish black suit and her in a gleaming white dress, Dang and Khanh relived the emotions and memories of their wedding day 10 years ago in the Indochina-inspired setting of Victoria Can Tho, situated in the heart of Can Tho on the banks of the Hau River.

Victoria Can Tho
Dang and Khanh choose to organize their 10th wedding anniversary photo shoot at the Indochina-inspired setting of Victoria Can Tho.

Simply but elegantly dressed without much fuss or overly elaborate poses, the happy couple were content to simply stand side by side in this glorious setting featuring architectural elements from a distinctive era in Vietnam’s history. The story of their love was told through affectionate looks, happy smiles and simple gestures like leaning against each other, all against the lovely backdrop of Victoria Can Tho.

Cloaked in a symphony of colors including black, white, brown and orange, Dang and Khanh were like two perfect halves that complete each other, the very picture of love. They chose black and white to signify balance, perfection and the purest of love, while earthy browns and deep oranges symbolize warmth, simplicity and sincere affection. Like harmonious notes in a stirring symphony, Dang and Khanh make beautiful music together.

Victoria Can Tho – The Music of Time

Located in the heart of Can Tho, right on the banks of the Hau River and next to the Ninh Kieu Wharf, the Indochina-inspired Victoria Can Tho Resort is the ideal backdrop for special events such as weddings, anniversaries and family or corporate events. With a large private space, the lush, green Victoria Can Tho is like an oasis of perfection, having hosted both domestic and international guests for 25 years.

Victoria Can Tho
The Indochina-inspired Victoria Can Tho Resort is the ideal backdrop for special events such as weddings, photo exhibitions, afternoon tea party…

In addition to its stylish setting, Victoria Can Tho offers top-tier amenities including on-site banquet and entertainment services, a range of multi-purpose event spaces and customizable sound and lighting equipment.

Victoria Can Tho
The fresh atmosphere of the garden located on the banks of the romantic Hau River, help guests to have extremely memorable and meaningful moments.

A member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), Asia’s leading travel group operating in four areas of Destination Management, Hospitality, Online and Aviation, Victoria Can Tho is also well-known for its dedicated and enthusiastic personnel. Sprawled over more than 20,000 m2, the gorgeous architecture and immaculate landscaping of this Indochina-inspired resort is only made more beautiful by its friendly, hospitable staff.

Victoria Can Tho
Dedication and enthusiasm are what Victoria Can Tho has been aiming for. Not only is it gorgeous in space and architecture, but the people are also an important element in making the events successful.

More than just a number, ten years of marriage represents a meaningful journey for a young couple like Khanh and Dang, the foundation upon which to build a lifetime of emotions and memories. Over 25 years of operation, Victoria Can Tho is proud to have witnessed many couples similarly starting their lives together and as well as couples like Dang and Khanh, who have chosen Victoria Can Tho to celebrate the first of what will no doubt be many decades of happiness together.

These priceless memories will forever be preserved at Victoria Can Tho as it continues to provide the setting for countless more memories for guests from near and far.

Victoria Can Tho
Victoria Can Tho always be proud and grateful when guests have placed their trust and chosen the resort as a place to accompany them in special occasions.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to create priceless memories, book your fairytale setting at Victoria Can Tho today.

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