Victoria Hoi An and the yoke that carries the soul of the Vietnamese countryside

Victoria Hoi An and the yoke that carries the soul of the Vietnamese countryside

TMG – Discover the traditional beauty of the humble yoke at Victoria Hoi An – where the combination of Vietnamese flavors and culture creates a wonderful experience between the river and the sea.

Victoria Hoi An
The yoke is becoming more popular with international and domestic tourists at Victoria Hoi An.

Carrying food on a yoke mounted on the shoulders is an image that is very familiar with the Vietnamese people, especially in Hoi An, Quang Nam. Shouldering a yoke is not just a combination of convenience and of the traditional beauty of Vietnamese cuisine, but also the embodiment of the industrious, hard-working spirit of the people here. As life becomes more modernized with fancy cars and upgraded roadworks, the humble yoke is seen less and less.

But at Victoria Hoi An, the premier beach resort in Hoi An, Quang Nam province, famous for its Indochina-inspired beauty harmoniously blending French, Japanese and local design elements, things are different. The charm of the Vietnamese yoke is being preserved and celebrated at this unique resort nestled between the De Vong River and Cua Dai Beach.

Victoria Hoi An
Located between the De Vong River on one side and Cua Dai Beach on the other, with Indochina beauty harmoniously blending French and Japanese, Victoria Hoi An is a place that always cherishes the beauty of traditional Vietnamese culture.

A sentimental choice

L’Annam Restaurant at Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa has long had the reputation for being Hoi An’s top restaurant where diners can enjoy a fusion of flavors spanning from Europe to Asia. From our legendary Christmas Brunch and weekend BBQ buffets to our sumptuous breakfast spreads and evening buffets inspired by Hoi An street food flavors, guests are sure to leave impressed and satiated.

L’Annam restaurant is famous for its unique dishes from Europe to Asia, easily pleasing any diner who comes here.
Victoria Hoi An
Victoria Hoi An always ensures that every guest leaves impressed and satisfied.

But a special, even magical moment takes place when the servers from L’Annam appear at the door of your guest room, donned in traditional ao dai (tunic dress) and conical hats, carrying the food that you ordered on yokes. More than just a distinctive way to serve meals, transporting food by yoke is one way that Victoria Hoi An tells the unique cultural story of the Vietnamese people.

The Vietnamese yoke

A typical yoke consists of a beam of wood and two ropes. The beam is usually made from mature bamboo because it is both a common material and is durable, flexible, and very light. Meanwhile, the ropes can be made from various materials, such as rattan, bamboo or cotton. Made from natural materials means the ropes are light and flexible.

People use yokes mainly to transport goods such as wheat, rice, corn, potatoes, and other agricultural products. In the past, many families even used yokes to carry their children, the elderly, and water.

At Victoria Hoi An, yokes are used to transport food from L’Annam Restaurant to guests who have ordered room service. The food is covered to keep it hot and to guard against dust and debris. After delivering food to the guest room, Victoria Hoi An staff return with the yoke to L’Annam Restaurant

Victoria Hoi An
Dishes are presented deliciously and served to guests’ rooms.

Where old meets new

In addition to preserving the traditional beauty of yokes, Victoria Hoi An Resort organizes many other cultural activities for guests such as traditional calligraphy and folk dance performances. Chinese chess, Western chess, and billiards can also be found in the games room, inviting guests to slow down and steal bits of quiet time from life’s hectic pace, an increasing rarity in today’s society.

Boasting an architectural style that harmoniously blends French, Japanese and local elements to create a vintage Indochinese aesthetic, Victoria Hoi An Resort is also modeled after a quaint coastal fishing village. With a prime location overlooking the De Vong River and Cua Dai Beach, the lush setting of Victoria Hoi An is home to many fascinating experiences and design delights like the locally-inspired water jugs and ladle used to wash off guests’ hands and feet in front of each guest room.

Victoria Hoi An
Victoria Hoi An Resort, where traditional Vietnamese values come alive, is right beside the beautiful sea of Cua Dai Beach.

If you are planning a vacation for yourself or the whole family, look to Victoria Hoi An, a destination that proudly showcases its Vietnamese identity. Enjoy your next holiday at Victoria Hoi An, where traditional Vietnamese values come alive, surrounded by the river and the sea.

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