Discover one of Vietnam’s most Luxury Glamping sites right in Mai Chau!

TMG – Like unique and comfortable hotel rooms located right in the Eden, Mai Chau Lodge Glamping is the world-class camping choice for those who want to relax or even work in the beautiful nature of Vietnam.

As a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), Mai Chau Lodge Hotel recently launched a world-class camping service – Luxury Glamping. Mr. Nguyen Viet Hai, Mai Chau Lodge Hotel Manager, explains why Mai Chau Lodge Glamping is a must-try choice for visitors who are looking for the most wonderful camping experience in Vietnam.

1. Can you introduce about the new service of Mai Chau Lodge hotel - Luxury Glamping?

Mai Chau Lodge Hotel is one of the first hotels in Mai Chau, a charming town. Until now, the tourism products in the whole town still have a very loving name, community tourism. 

Mai Chau Lodge was established in 2007. Now at Mai Chau Lodge Hotel, the group’s strategy is to form a very new model, which can be said to be the first of its kind in Mai Chau town, the luxury Glamping. 

We have lovely luxury and colorful Domes or tents. They lie within Mai Chau Lodge’s 4000 square meter plot, along with green garden landscapes, reading, and playground areas where we can also light a BBQ campfire. Even the most demanding guests will indeed find it satisfactory.

2. So what about the other services of Mai Chau Lodge Hotel, sir?

At Mai Chau Lodge, currently, there are another 16 Deluxe rooms, restaurants, spaces to organize events, swimming pools, saunas, and health activities such as cycling and walking to the surrounding villages. Right in front of Mai Chau Lodge is Mo Luong cave, formerly known as the army cave during the resistance war. The soldiers used the amazing cave as a perfect place to store weapons and food. The troops also lived there at times. 

Up to now, Mai Chau Lodge has exploited and used that cave very well. People from everywhere know that cave and often visit it. Besides, the entire campus of Mai Chau Lodge is next to Mo Luong Lake, the only and largest lake in this town. Mo Luong Lake is lovely, with clear blue water. Everyone who sees the lake will fall in love with it. This lake also helps to influence the local weather, containing water to distribute water to farmers’ crops.

3. For visitors who look for a venue for events and group parties, does Mai Chau Lodge remain a perfect match?

It only takes about 3 hours to go from Hanoi City or Noi Bai airport to Mai Chau. And we have a beautiful hotel right here. Guests take their families to Mai Chau to enjoy the fresh air, have fun, and be in harmony with nature. 

In addition, with its spacious campus and grassy landscapes, Mai Chau Lodge is suitable for corporate events, birthday events, team building or outing events, or for students to experience nature. Mai Chau Lodge has organized many such events, and with all its services, people, and equipment, Mai Chau Lodge can manage all the events that customers can expect.

4. For visitors who like to learn about cultural and traditional values, what services does Mai Chau hotel provide?

Mai Chau Lodge Hotel is in the middle of Mai Chau town center and right beside Highway 15. It is surrounded by rice fields and villages such as Văn village, Lác village, Pom Coọng village, and Lác 2 village. When staying at the hotel, visitors will spend a lot of time cycling and jogging in the morning along the rice fields to immerse themselves in the aroma of ripe rice. 

Otherwise, many Tuk-tuk and electric vehicles will take us around all the villages. An about 2-hour trip going around will be exciting. When we go into those villages, we will first come across and feel the hospitality of all Mai Chau people. They are very cheerful, very gentle and also very respectful of customers. The deeper we go inside, the more beautiful stilt house culture will all be encountered. In Mai Chau town, the culture of stilt houses has been preserved by the Mai Chau people, who use its beauty for tourism. 

From Mai Chau Lodge, we will spend time entering residential areas and realize this is a peaceful land. Guests will visit and see the souvenir areas. They can even talk to the locals and try their luck with weaving or Cheraw dancing, a Thai cultural signature. Many people will find it confusing and challenging, but it’s relatively easy. All have created a unique beauty for Mai Chau land. 

Another point about Mai Chau is the food culture. When you and your loved one or family visit a restaurant in the village, you will enjoy delicious dishes. They can be black pig meat, spring fish, dragon bean vegetables, bamboo shoots cooked with fish or chicken, bee pupae or silkworm pupae, locust or grasshopper. At the end of the Mai Chau trip, remember to buy Mai Chau taro roots, bring them back to your home and cook them with pork. You will have an incredibly wonderful meal. 

When people from other places or the city want to take the time to travel briefly to Mai Chau, this is the right choice. Because when we have brought relatives, family, and friends up here, we will see the atmosphere is tranquil, fresh, and relaxed. We will be away from the noise of the city. We come up here to relieve stress after a working week. We’ll get a break to run and participate in sports, and activities will recharge us. The scene is beautiful, with mountain after mountain. The road is stunning itself. On the way to Mai Chau, we will also discover the beauty of our travels.

5. Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Mai Chau Lodge is an indispensable choice for tourists visiting Mai Chau town to rest. I hope to continue to receive your support and welcome you at Mai Chau Lodge and Thien Minh Group. I’m Nguyen Viet Hai, Hotel Manager of Mai Chau Lodge in Mai Chau town, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province.

Thank you so much for your sharing.

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