TMG’s Sustainability Manager recalls first time witnessing carp release at West Lake before Lunar New Year

TMG’s Sustainability Manager recalls first time witnessing carp release at West Lake before Lunar New Year

TMG – During the Year of the Dragon, TMG’s Sustainability Manager recalls the first time she witnessed the locals in Hanoi releasing carp into West Lake before the Lunar New Year.

For Mallory Brenda Ewer-Speck, an American Sustainability Manager currently working at Thien Minh Group (TMG), the Lunar New Year is associated with the memory of carp being released into West Lake on the Land Genie and the Kitchen God Day, a few days before Lunar New Year, the traditional holiday in Vietnam.

In the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year 2024, let’s listen to Mallory’s honest and interesting tastes about Tet.

1. What do you know about the Tet holiday or Lunar New Year in Vietnam?

I understand that this is the most important holiday in Vietnam, with many Vietnamese traditionally visiting their home villages to see family during this time. Also, I know that each lunar year is associated with a different animal or mythological creature—this year being the dragon!

We’ve just started our Travelife project recently, which is about sustainability development for our hotels and resorts, the first hotel group to be certified in Vietnam with the prestigious Travelife Gold Certification. And I hope the dragon year is going to be a great year for us to continue this sustainable path that we’ve been following for almost 30 years.

2. What did you expect for one of your very first experiences during the Tet holiday in Vietnam?

I didn’t really know what to expect for my first Tet. I think the most surprising thing was seeing all the goldfish being released into West Lake! I also loved seeing all the cumquat trees and peach blossoms around the city.

Last year, we stayed in Hanoi for Tet. We really enjoyed seeing the city so quiet. Also, our CEO and his wife invited us to have dinner at their home during Tet, which was such an honor and such a treat to be included in an authentic Tet experience. This year we’ve decided to go to Thailand for some warm weather and beaches to celebrate Tet.

3. Have you ever experienced the Lunar New Year in other countries around the world outside of Vietnam as a person in the tourism industry?

No, not yet. Hopefully, now that I’m based in Southeast Asia, I’ll get to see more Lunar New Year celebrations in other countries as well!

Thanks for your time, and happy Lunar New Year!

Mallory Brenda Ewer-Speck is currently the Sustainability Manager of TMG and is in charge of the Travelife project. In December 2023, TMG became the first hotel group in Vietnam to be awarded the Travelife Gold certification for its entire resort and hotel system in Vietnam and Laos. This achievement is a testament to TMG’s continuous dedication to pursuing responsible tourism and preserving the environment according to international standards.

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