Top 5 reasons to choose Emeraude Classic for your New Year’s event in Halong Bay

Top 5 reasons to choose Emeraude Classic for your New Year’s event in Halong Bay

TMG – Organizing year-end events and ringing in the new year in Halong Bay is an increasingly popular trend because these are great ways to see out the old year and welcome in the new in a beautiful World Heritage site.

Emeraude Classic

However, finding the ideal venue worthy of your grand event can be a challenge. However, fret not because Emeraude Classic is your one-stop solution, offering exclusive and attractive catering and event packages.

1. Easy access

The busy traffic in and around Hanoi presents no problem for guests as Emeraude Classic provides round-trip shuttle packages between Hanoi – Halong with our dedicated vehicles designed to offer up the most comfortable and convenient journeys. In less than three hours from the meeting point in Hanoi, you’ll find yourself whisked away to Halong Bay, ready to board Emeraude Classic for your year-ending event.

At the end of the event, the Emeraude Classic fleet will be on hand to pick passengers up from the Tuan Chau Marina. After a restful nap, guests will find themselves back in the capital city ready to take on the new year.

2. Enjoy cool sea breezes

The weather in northern Vietnam gets cold in winter so this is a great opportunity for visitors to experience the novelty of cool temps in this lovely heritage site.

Guests choosing to celebrate New Year’s in Halong Bay can expect a full range of facilities and services aboard the Emeraude Classic. Warm up in the chilly surrounds with a soothing cup of hot tea, a glass of spirits, piping hot meals and warm, comfy spaces in the ship’s restaurant or in the privacy of the cabins, with every detail thoughtfully designed down to the doors, recalling a vintage ocean liner.

3. Private cruise events

In the classic setting of the Emeraude, modeled after a French steamship, guests are guaranteed absolute privacy to simply focus on enjoying the event. In addition, the Emeraude Classic also offers flexible itineraries and durations of 3 days / 2 nights or 2 days / 1 night, departing from Tuan Chau Marina, to accommodate guest needs and schedules.

With 37 cabins, a sundeck, two bars, a restaurant and two curved walking tracks, the Emeraude Classic is set to take guests on a wonderful tour of the majestic World Natural Heritage site of Halong Bay.

4. Wide open spaces

If Hanoi, the heart of Vietnam, is famous for its bustling pace of life against the backdrop of row houses and busy traffic, serene Halong Bay provides a lovely contrast where Mother Nature has created a gorgeous seascape of tranquility.

When organizing events in the heritage site of Halong Bay, guests can revel in the wide open space featuring one-of-a-kind vistas and attractions that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

5. Avoid the high season

During this time of year, organizing events on the Emeraude Classic in Halong Bay couldn’t be easier as the peak tourist season in Halong usually lasts from June to August every year.

Guests booking events now can be assured of not having to deal with the crowds during high season. Emeraude Classic Cruises also offers consulting services to help you organize the ideal New Year’s event at the World Natural Heritage site of Halong Bay.

This winter, fill your lungs with the fresh sea air of Halong Bay’s World Natural Heritage site and let Emeraude Classic help you send off the old year and welcome in the new year in true style. Come and experience a luxe, memorable event cruise enhanced by professional, dedicated service from the Emeraude Classic, a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG).

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