8 reasons Victoria Mekong Cruises is the Mekong Delta’s premier event venue

8 reasons Victoria Mekong Cruises is the Mekong Delta’s premier event venue

TMG – Modern design and unique luxury experiences are two of the 8 reasons that make Victoria Mekong Cruises the premier event venue on the Mekong River.

More than a spectacular holiday destination in the Mekong Delta, the Victoria Mekong is also the ideal “floating resort” to organize events from business conferences and seminars to weddings and private parties, especially at the end of the outgoing year and the beginning of the incoming new year.

Luxurious and modern in design, the Victoria Mekong is set to impress attendees with a range of facilities and services meeting international standards.

Here are 8 reasons why Victoria Mekong Cruises should be your top choice to host private and corporate events on the legendary Mekong River.

1. Stylish and modern design

Launched in late August 2019, Victoria Mekong is the first and largest luxury ship in the Mekong region, boasting contemporary design and state-of-the-art facilities that contribute to comfortable, luxe spaces for eventgoers. Public spaces filled with character include a tranquil library corner, stylish cinema, relaxing spa, mini golf course, and Jacuzzi pool to ensure guests will have an unforgettable event with Victoria Mekong Cruises.

Victoria Mekong is the first and largest luxury ship in the Mekong region, boasting contemporary design and state-of-the-art facilities for event-goers.

2. Spacious and comfortable

Victoria Mekong Cruises offers guests spacious and comfortable cabins, including suites and deluxe cabins with private balconies, comfortable bathrooms, air conditioning, and a full array of mod cons. With a maximum capacity of just 70 guests, Victoria Mekong Cruises delivers a fun, ultra-comfortable guest experience right from the moment passengers set foot on the largest and most modern ship in the Mekong region.

Cabins are spacious and equipped with a full range of amenities, delivering a fun, ultra-comfortable guest experience.
Private balconies outside each room provide guests with a sitting area with a view of the legendary Mekong River.

3. Flexible itineraries and engaging activities

With Victoria Mekong Cruises, guests can look forward to a variety of exciting programs and activities both on and off the ship that showcases the region’s distinctive culture. Starting from departure by vehicle from Ho Chi Minh City and embarkation in Can Tho, activities can be tailored to best suit the needs and interests of the event, theme, and participants.

4. A culinary feast

The stylish Claypot Restaurant on Deck 2 of the four-deck Victoria Mekong serves stunningly presented Vietnamese and international specialties. In addition to including nightly dinners and canapés, the ship is also home to a gorgeous lounge where guests can sip premium cocktails as they take in views of the scenic Mekong River.

5. Sustainable and environmentally friendly

As the first and largest modern ship in the Mekong region, Victoria Mekong Cruises fulfills its commitment to reducing its impact on the environment through the use of a variety of green technologies, such as fuel-efficient engines, solar panels, and a water purification system, in addition to saying no to plastic waste. Planning an event with Victoria Mekong Cruises immediately turns your function into a green event right on the mighty Mekong River.

6. A range of recreational facilities

Victoria Mekong Cruises is home to a wide range of entertainment facilities, including a spa, gym, cinema, games room, souvenir shop, mini golf course, infinity pool with hot tub, and a quiet library space. Whatever their personal preference, event guests on the Victoria Mekong are guaranteed to find a space that is perfect for them.

7. Private spaces, professional service

Known far and wide for its outstanding service and attention to detail, Victoria Mekong Cruises ensures that event guests have access to world-class, private venues for their memorable events as well as enjoy experiences on board with their friends, family, and colleagues.

8. A member of Thien Minh Group (TMG)

Victoria Mekong Cruises is a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), Asia’s leading all-inclusive experiential travel group, with 30 years of experience in four areas: Destination Management, Hospitality, Online and Aviation. Managed and operated according to TMG’s international standards, Victoria Mekong Cruises is a guarantee of resoundingly successful events.

Choose Victoria Mekong Cruises today to create ultimately memorable events for yourself, your family, and your colleagues.

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