Hospitality Brands

Hospitality Brands

TMG Hospitality was established to provide specialist hospitality and management services to the group and partners’ hotel brands. After almost two decades of hospitality management, TMG Hospitality has a portfolio of eleven hotels & resorts which host more than 200,000 guests annually, as well as a number of cruising and rail travel opportunities in key tourism destinations in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.


TMG Hospitality

As a subsidiary of TMG, a leading travel and hospitality group operating throughout Asia since 1994, TMG Hospitality (TMGH) is an expert in hospitality management in Southeast Asia with a portfolio that includes 3- and 4-star properties, cruises and premium transportation options.

TMGH’s original management portfolio encompasses international-standard hotel brands including Victoria Hotels & Resorts, ÊMM Hotels & Resorts and Mai Chau Lodge located across a large range of iconic destinations throughout Vietnam and Laos.

TMGH has added transportation options to its management portfolio with a collection of 7 boats and 3 seaplanes in Halong Bay under the brand names of L’Azalée Cruises, Emeraude Cruise and Hai Au Aviation.

TMGH always operates with the mission to ensure truly professional services by managing operations and providing back office functions while maintaining and strengthening the unique identity of each brand.

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Ông Trần Trọng Kiên phát biểu tại buổi họp báo diễn ra ở Victoria Cần Thơ chiều 14/10.Ông Trần Trọng Kiên phát biểu tại buổi họp báo diễn ra ở Victoria Cần Thơ chiều 14/10.
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Khách sạn ÊMM Hội AnKhách sạn ÊMM Hội An
Victoria Chau Doc TMG conde nast traveler readers choice 2023Victoria Chau Doc TMG conde nast traveler readers choice 2023
Victoria Can Tho TMG conde nast traveler readers choice 2023Victoria Can Tho TMG conde nast traveler readers choice 2023
Victoria Hoi An conde nast traveler readers choice 2023Victoria Hoi An conde nast traveler readers choice 2023
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VXT_Guest Experiences_Entertainment_Traditional Dance_PA (2)VXT_Guest Experiences_Entertainment_Traditional Dance_PA (2)
VXT_Exterior_Overview _PA (3)VXT_Exterior_Overview _PA (3)
victoria hoi an sidecarvictoria hoi an sidecar
Authentic Indochina

Victoria Hotels & Resorts

Victoria Hotels & Resorts connects guests with the real Indochina in ways no other hotel can. Proud of our Indochina roots, our boutique properties embrace the best aspects of colonial heritage while showcasing local culture and landscape. We are dedicated to helping our guests along their Journeys of Distinction through heartfelt service, pride in our culture, and generosity of spirit.


city hotel

ÊMM Hotels

ÊMM Hotels is Vietnam’s newest international-quality brand, bringing a new level of product, consistency and standards to the Vietnamese market. The collection now includes three hotels: ÊMM Hotel Saigon, ÊMM Hotel Hoi An and ÊMM Hotel Hue. The brand will be expanding into other major cities across the country.

ÊMM brings together fresh, modern, contemporary design, generously sized rooms, valuable services and excellent locations. Every aspect of the ‘ÊMM Experience” is well thought-out to ensure that guests sleep well, start fresh and have an enjoyable stay at ÊMM

Khách sạn ÊMM Hội AnKhách sạn ÊMM Hội An
ÊMM Hotel HueÊMM Hotel Hue
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EMERAUDE_Overview (8).EMERAUDE_Overview (8).
Halong Bay Cruise

Emeraude Cruises

Comprised of four luxury cruise ships under the management of Thien Minh Group, Emeraude Cruises boasts premium amenities and top-tier service, offering guests amazing Halong Bay discovery experiences.

From Emeraude Classic, a Classical Symphony featuring a vintage aesthetic inspired by turn-of-the-century travel, to Emeraude Premium, Romantic getaways on traditional Asian sailing ships serving just 2 passengers, from Emeraude Min, an Exceptional Voyage sporting a youthful, contemporary design, to Emeraude Sayuri, a Tranquil journey in such an elegant style with a subtle minimal Japanese aesthetic beauty, all will offer guests their most magnificient Halong Bay sightseeing experiences.

Mai Chau Hotel

Mai Chau Lodge

Located 135 km southwest of Hanoi, set amongst tribal villages, Mai Chau Lodge offers spectacular vistas of the famed Mai Chau valley, surrounded by lush green mountains and stilt houses inhabited largely by the White Thai ethnic group. With 16 deluxe rooms and 8 Glamping Domes, Mai Chau Lodge is ideal for travelers who are looking for authenticity along with comfort, rooms, and facilities that meet international standards.

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Experience the first luxury glamping in Mai Chau Valley.Experience the first luxury glamping in Mai Chau Valley.
5 mai chau 35 mai chau 3
5 mai chau 45 mai chau 4
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2019_MCL_Pool (3)2019_MCL_Pool (3)
Hòa mình vào thiên nhiên với những căn lều đầy màu sắc..Hòa mình vào thiên nhiên với những căn lều đầy màu sắc..
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Spice Viet RestaurantSpice Viet Restaurant
Spice Viet SGN1Spice Viet SGN1
Spice Viet SGN4Spice Viet SGN4

Spice Viet Restaurants

SPICE VIET is a brand-new chain of farm-to-table restaurants showcasing authentic Vietnamese cuisine by using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create dishes that are healthy, green and delicious. Spice Viet Hue is the first in the Spice Viet chain of restaurants. Other location will open throughout Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hoi An…) and abroad (Europe, Australia…).

city hotel

Flower Garden Hotel

Located right in the heart of Hanoi, Flower Garden Hotel offers guests a relaxing, enjoyable stay in an elegant cozy setting. At Flower Garden Hotel, every guest is treated to friendly, attentive service provided by an enthusiastic and professional team.

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journeys of distinction

Victoria Mekong Cruises

Cruise the waters of Southeast Asia’s mightiest river aboard the Victoria Mekong, a sleek 35-cabin ship traveling between Vietnam’s lush Mekong Delta and Cambodia’s enchanting capital city of Phnom Penh.

Select from 3- or 4-night itineraries featuring distinctive shore excursions designed to showcase the region’s fascinating peoples and cultures. On board, watch the riverscapes glide on by from the beautifully-appointed Sundeck or from the privacy of your cabin’s own balcony.

Resort at Tam Tien Beach, South of Hoi An


Opening in March 2020, the luxurious TUI BLUE Hotel Nam Hoi An in Vietnam is located directly on the fine sandy beach of Tam Tien and is ideal for an unforgettable holiday south of Hoi An, Vietnam. The hotel complex offers several swimming pools, elegant rooms and suites, three restaurants serving top Asian and international cuisine, a varied professional sports offer, and a stylish spa for absolute relaxation. The TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An is perfect for a relaxing and first-class holiday in Vietnam with great excursions options, such as the charming coastal town of Hoi An. Thanks to the hotel’s ideal location directly on the Vietnamese beach, we can offer you an exceptional location for your unique event, whether it’s a conference or a wedding. The TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An looks forward to pampering couples, families, and groups.

Relax in the outdoor infinity pools of the resort.Relax in the outdoor infinity pools of the resort.
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TUI Blu Nam Hoi An - Green & GrillTUI Blu Nam Hoi An - Green & Grill
TUI Blu Nam Hoi An - The RestaurantTUI Blu Nam Hoi An - The Restaurant
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TUI Blu Nam Hoi An - Watersports - SUPTUI Blu Nam Hoi An - Watersports - SUP
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Tiệc buffet BBQ cuối tuần tại TUI BLUE Nam Hội AnTiệc buffet BBQ cuối tuần tại TUI BLUE Nam Hội An