Western guests from the PONANT 5-star cruise ship experience Hồ Thị Kỷ Market’s “chaos within order”

Western guests from the PONANT 5-star cruise ship experience Hồ Thị Kỷ Market’s “chaos within order”

TMG – A myriad of cars, motorbikes, and a multitude of signboards advertising various flowers and foods along a shared path welcomed international tourists from the PONANT 5-star cruise ship Le Jacques Cartier to the impressively ‘chaotic yet orderly atmosphere’ at Hồ Thị Kỷ flower market and culinary street.

Vivu Journeys welcomes the PONANT 5-star cruise ship Le Jacques Cartier at the port in HCMC. Source: Vivu Journeys.

At 1 p.m. on February 24th, the 5-star cruise ship Le Jacques Cartier from the French shipping company PONANT docked at Nhà Rồng port, commencing its tour of Ho Chi Minh City. One of the standout stops on the itinerary exploring the city named after Uncle Ho that most tourists opt for is the Hồ Thị Kỷ flower market and culinary street.

Established in 1987, Hồ Thị Kỷ Flower Market is the largest wholesale flower market in Ho Chi Minh City. Living up to its name on Hồ Thị Kỷ Street, Ward 1, District 10, it offers a diverse range of hundreds of types of flowers, mainly sourced from Da Lat city and provinces in the Southwestern region. Meanwhile, Hồ Thị Kỷ culinary street, adjacent to the flower market, boasts over 100 eateries offering delicious dishes priced from 7,000 to 70,000 Vietnamese dong.

Departing from the French-flagged superyacht on a world exploration journey, which can cost up to 640 million Vietnamese dong, international tourists from countries such as the United States, France, Spain, etc. experienced a vibrant, colorful, and distinctly Vietnamese atmosphere at the renowned market.

Walking along Hồ Thị Kỷ market, international tourists found themselves accompanied by both cars and motorbikes amidst numerous signboards advertising various flowers and dishes. Occasionally, a nimble food vendor swiftly maneuvered through the crowd with a basket of food, darting through the chaos.

Under the guidance of tour guides and coordinators, international tourist groups enjoyed safely navigating through the “chaos within order,” with the presence of both tourists, vendors, and locals. The blending and fusion of Ho Chi Minh City’s most famous flower and culinary street at Hồ Thị Kỷ market left many tourists fascinated, prompting them to capture memories with their cameras or smartphones.

“Tourists did witness the profound desire for life and peace of multiple generations of Vietnamese after the prison system tour on Côn Đảo and Phú Quốc Islands. We continue today to bring them to a vibrant space in the most dynamic city in the country. These are the accumulated experiences that we want to enrich tourists with regarding Vietnam,” shared Trương Ngọc Hùng, HCMC-based operations manager of Vivu Journeys, about the construction of high-end tourist programs to Vietnam via sea routes.

“Excellent!” shared joyfully Juliette, a member of the international tourist group, expressing her sentiment after the journey.

The PONANT 5-star cruise ship Le Jacques Cartier is on a 7-day, 6-night journey to Vietnam. Earlier, Vivu Journeys Vietnam introduced the high-end international tourists to the renowned destinations of Phú Quốc and Côn Đảo. The next destinations for the tourists will be Cái Bè (Tiền Giang) and Củ Chi.

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