TMG leaves a strong impression on RMIT travel and tourism students through an emotional career speech

TMG leaves a strong impression on RMIT travel and tourism students through an emotional career speech

TMG – After just an emotional sharing session, TMG helped RMIT students acknowledge the tourism industry and the role of TMG in Vietnam’s tourism industry.

On 21/11, with the invitation from Dr. Jackie Lei Tin Ong, Tourism and travel professor at RMIT University, Country Manager of Vivu Journeys Vietnam (a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG)), Ms. Thuy Tran had a sharing presentation at RMIT, Hanoi.

At the session, Ms. Thuy Tran shared with RMIT students the history, development, and business fields of TMG and member companies. “This is a great opportunity to promote TMG and all its activities to RMIT students. I have presented four business pillars of TMG, including Travel, Online, Hospitality, and Hai Au Aviation,” Ms. Thuy Tran said.

Besides that, Ms. Thuy Tran also emphasized that TMG prioritizes sustainable development, such as Vivu Journeys Vietnam‘s “no single-use plastic” strategy and not using plastic water bottles in all products at all hotels managed by TMG.

“Today’s sharing is to allow students to understand the role of the travel industry. We know that COVID has hit the travel industry and hospitality industry very badly. So we invite TMG to share with us how they have emerged and become successful, and at the same time, we also want to learn more about initiatives that TMG has offered. So, we are very impressed by the talk and impressed by what TMG has been doing,” Dr. Jackie said.

More than just a knowledge-sharing session, TMG also opened up many opportunities for RMIT students to intern and work at TMG in Vietnam and overseas branches. “Students have many questions about the chance to intern at TMG, not only locally based but also at TMG’s branches abroad. I hope that RMIT students will join us after my speech and become TMGers,” said Ms. Thuy Tran.

Ms. Thuy Tran (yellow sticker on t-shirt) and Dr. Jackie (yellow blazer) took photos with RMIT students.

What TMG brought through the sharing session was extremely necessary for RMIT students majoring in travel and tourism and those about to enter the labor market.

“Today’s sharing is way better than I expected. It helps students who study this major know more about travel than hotels so they can choose what to do in the future, improve the skill needed before entering the labor market, and determine what to expect in this industry,” shared Nguyen Tung Anh, a senior student at RMIT University.

At the end of the sharing session, Ms. Thuy Tran and Dr. Jackie discussed orientation for RMIT students in particular and tourism students in general. According to Dr. Jackie, TMG is one of the most significant tourism and hospitality organizations in Vietnam, and therefore, she expected more collaborations between RMIT and TMG in the future.

As one of the leading tourism companies in Vietnam and Asia, after more than 28 years of inspiring people, TMG is proud to participate in building a model of sustainable tourism development in Vietnam. The group also helps students who study and work in the tourism industry equip themselves with the necessary knowledge to develop the tourism potential in Vietnam jointly.