Life at TMG

Workforce Diversity

At TMG, we recognize that the talent and diversity of our people are the foundation of our success by experiencing organization growth along with personal growth in the environment where we are exposed to differences in culture, opinions and ideas.

Shine in your own ways

While individuality within the organization is highly valued and encouraged, we do not omit to capitalize on the amalgamation of diverse strengths to make them to our advantages. In addition to a team of devoted employees with years of experiences, TMG also nurtures young talents who may just start their faltering steps in the working world, but intensely enthusiastic, innovative, and tech-savvy. Though we may not share the same life paths or educational backgrounds, what truly matters is that we are passionate, dedicated to our work and always strive for the best.

Turn diversity into competitive strengths

TMG has been diversified in working fields, skills, gender, nationality, culture, and language. It plays a phenomenal role in building and maintaining TMG’s sustainable competitive edge by optimizing our ability to meet the needs of each market where we work with.

United Diversity

Even though each of us represents different personalities, skills, and talents, we fit together perfectly to complete the TMG picture, where the development of an individual goes along with the success of the group. This unit is only created if and only if each member is fully supported in improving himself, building skills, and demonstrating his talents.

On the job training

By focusing on setting up annual training programs, we give all the employees opportunities to improve themselves and become a well-rounded person. The trained skills and knowledge include not only expertise but also soft skills, such as, management skill, debate skill, communications, etc. Especially, the leadership skill is designed to target leader team.

Furthermore, as being designed appropriately with work requirements, trained tools and knowledge are very useful in increasing productivity and efficient at work.

Sharing success

TMG commits to provide every employee a fair, friendly, and safe working environment. Your opportunity to success comes from your colleagues’ sharing through direct or indirect channel. Their success stories is the bridge to achieve your own goals. Between bosses and employees, distance seems not exist in TMG. We hold monthly meetings to share our achievements and issues that need to be addressed. Everyone is free to share his or her thoughts.

Moreover, no matter how busy the CEO is, his messages are sent out gradually to share with us stories around TMG and steps of group success, which are also our own success; then how we can achieve more.

Work-Life Balance

When an employee feels a great sense of control over his own lives and works, he tends to have good relationships with management, feels more motivated and less stressed out which thereby results helping increase company productivity and reduce the conflicts at the workplace.

The Management Board of Thien Minh Group has understood well the impact an balance lifestyle could have on the employees and as such, they have gained a reputation for leading people to leave work issues at work and home issues at home. Said by CEO Tran Trong Kien: “For the midsize companies like Thien Minh Group, creating a good and balance working environment will lead to the sustainability”. Indeed, all the employees at any level within the group are equal and able to approach as well as communicate with CEO. Besides with the spirit of “we love to work hard but it’s also as important to play hard”, we have been inspired by the annual oversea and domestic company trips, the team building activities and the others that help connect us at a deeper level.

Let’s take a look at our latest team building activities took place in Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An. 

Ant Awards Program

Every individual working at any level in Thien Minh Group is well recognized and awarded for their excellent performance. For that reason, the Ant Awards has been born since 2015 as the most practical action for this acknowledgment.

The Ant Awards is designed to reward the most outstanding employee of the year. By taking a pride in being the best, this inspirational award will motivate, inspire people to achieve their goals as well as encourage all to fulfill their potential skills.