Việt Nam needs to position itself safe tourism paradise

More than 50 leaders from the tourism industry attended the event held on 21st May in Hà Nội by the Việt Nam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) in collaboration with the Government economic roundtable Board IV, the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) and Thien Minh Group (TMG) At the symposium aiming to find solutions to recover the tourism […]

Getting ready for recovery, a view from Vietnam

Decisions deemed an ‘overreaction’ at the time will aid a swift return, says Kien Tran Trong, chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board In Vietnam, 96 million people are getting back to their daily lives. The energy and buzz which has driven substantial tourism growth in Vietnam in recent years is fast returning as we […]

Three reasons to stay at Mai Chau Lodge

An easy escape from Hanoi, Mai Chau’s green rice paddies and rustic White Thai villages make it an alluring getaway for nature and culture seekers. The Mai Chau Lodge is a long-time favourite in the valley, combining tasteful rooms, local cooking, and authentic adventures on the fringes of the rice fields. Here are three things you’ll […]

iVIVU provides ingredients for dinner starting at VND 99K per week.

With a strong desire to bring fresh, clean and safe processed food to Vietnamese families’ dinners, is proud to launch the packages of prepared ingredients helping people fulfil their cooking passion while saving time. Contact iVIVU and it would be no longer necessary to daily ask yourself what to eat for dinner. Highlights Fresh […]

It’s time to get out there and explore with TMG’s Max Relax & Max Savings

With lockdown worries behind us, reward yourself with a well-deserved getaway from Thien Minh Group. With your health and safety our number one priority, all our properties practice strict hygiene to ensure your well-being throughout your stay with us. Choose from our wide range of packages featuring best-ever discounts and perks. Will it be a […]

TMG Hospitality: An update from CEO

Dear valued partners and travellers, When I started Thien Minh Group more than 25 years ago, my dream was to showcase Vietnam to the world. However, with borders closed and planes grounded across the globe, it’s painfully difficult to think about international travel for now. These past few months have unquestionably been the toughest time […]

Three Vietnamese Recipes by Spice Viet Restaurant to try at home

While travellers all over the world have put away their passports temporarily, there are still plenty of ways to experience Vietnam from home. Now is the perfect time to relish your travel planning and get inspired for future forays. Understanding food is a big part of why so many travellers love Vietnam, Spice Viet Restaurant […]

Plan your perfect gateway at Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa

It was about 18 years ago when I was last in Hoi An. From only a handful of accommodation to choose from, today there are now hundreds to choose from. I remember visiting the Victoria Hoi An when it was still under construction. It was one of the first international hotels due to open in Hoi […]

Tourism will again become a driver of job growth and economic prosperity.

The Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) of Vietnam has promptly submitted its recommendations for industry and Government actions as soon as Covid-19 appeared in Vietnam. Since the pandemic has transformed a lot, could you please share whether the proposed solutions should be accordingly modified? No one could predicted how the epidemic would be since it’s been […]

Your Comfortable Lockdown Home

During this difficult period when Vietnam’s borders are closed and our cities are under strict lockdown procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Victoria Voyages is pleased to extend a helping hand to international visitors who may currently be stranded in either Hanoi, Hoi An or Ho Chi Minh City. For a flat rate of US$20 […]