Eating Vietnam with Spice Viet

Eating Vietnam with Spice Viet

Vietnamese cuisine is more than meets the eye, and the eye meets a lot. Each dish is an adventure in colour, flavour, texture and aroma. Vietnamese believe that each plate should have five flavours in balance, five sources of nutrients and five colours. If that weren’t enough, all five senses must be engaged by the eater, meaning every plate must smell, look, sound, feel and taste just right. One restaurant that aims to deliver all that, plus authentic dishes from every region of Vietnam, is Spice Viet Hanoi.
For some time now, Spice Viet has served beautifully prepared, locally sourced ingredients at its restaurants in Hue and Hoi An. Now, visitors in Hanoi can taste Spice Viet’s take on Vietnamese cooking. Here’s what you can look forward to.

A new location

Located on the second floor of the Flower Garden Hotel, Spice Viet Hanoi welcomes hungry patrons with fresh takes on classic fare. The chic and minimal decor may feel contemporary, but the homemade fish and chilli sauce on the table immediately gives that homey Vietnamese vibe. Pull up a chair and get ready to feast, starting with a simple vegetarian soup to satiate the stomach or if you are in a group, an assortment of appetizers and bites from north to south.

Finding freshness

When it comes to the menu, the most important thing at Spice Viet is authenticity. Choose from either the regional or local specialities, munching on delicacies normally tasted in the alleyways of Ho Chi Minh City or the seaside stalls of Da Nang. Spice Viet researches local favourites in every major Vietnamese destination, sampling dishes at street stalls specializing in one dish, in order to recreate as accurate a flavour profile as possible. 

Another essential element in all the Spice Viet restaurants is freshness. Vietnamese cuisine is noted around the world for its ultra-fresh ingredients. Locally sourced produce is the star of the show in Spice Viet’s dishes. Each protein is elevated with herbs, greens and vegetables. 

Vietnam on a table

Spice Viet Hanoi features some of Vietnam’s most-loved dishes, from the northern-style grilled smoked snakehead fish, served on a hot stove seared with dill and green onion (chả cá Lã Vọng) to the central speciality of Quảng noodles, made from turmeric-infused rice noodles with pork, shrimp and peanuts. Fresh southern spring rolls (gỏi cuốn) stuffed with vegetables, noodles and bright, juicy prawns are served along with a sweetened fish sauce. In one meal, you can taste your way through the nation.

Perfect Presentation

There’s something simply wonderful about the plating at Spice Viet. Garlic shoots jut out of classic gỏi cuốn, beef rolls in betel leaf (bò lá lốt) come out encrusted in sesame seeds and sizzling on a small charcoal stove. Watch as the leaves wilt under the heat, before popping one of these juicy bites into your mouth. When betel leaves are grilled, they transform into crispy and peppery vessels of flavour. Spice Viet carries that special something about Vietnamese cuisine, as each dish becomes an experience of all senses, engaging you with playful presentation, aroma, touch and taste.