Vietnam needs at least 10 low-cost airlines

Vietnam needs at least 10 low-cost airlines

“Vietjet Air and Jetstar Pacific are the only 2 low cost carriers currently operating in Vietnam while the needs of Vietnamese people for this is about 10” Tran Trong Kien – CEO of Thien Minh Group said in an interview with

As his point of view, competition can improve quality and efficiency management. In addition, it creates more choices for the customers to gain the best benefits.

Kien also believes that the difficulty in application for issuance of a civil aviation license in Vietnam is necessary. “Aviation is an important industry as it relates to safety and security. Taking much time on verifying documents is to ensure that the licensed firms will operate sustainably and permanently”, he affirmed.

Kien also said that the previous unsuccessful entries of Air Asia to Vietnam market was due to their inappropriate partners. Thanks to valuable experiences gained as well as high commitments made from both parties, Kien trusts in the possibility of TMG’s new project with Air Asia.