ÊMM Hotel Hue and 500 meters of dedicated service during the flood season

TMG – In mid-November 2023, Hue suffered a major flood after days of continuous downpours. Water levels rose rapidly at night, suspending many activities of residents and tourists alike, as well as affecting the city’s tourism and accommodation sectors. Phu Don Quy, a 28-year-old receptionist at ÊMM Hotel Hue, remembers his shift that night. The […]

Impressive first-ever Cam Mountain Trail in the Mekong Delta by Victoria Chau Doc and Victoria Nui Sam

TMG – With the theme “Return to Nature in the Seven Mountain Region”, the first-ever Cam Mountain Trail held by Victoria Chau Doc and Victoria Nui Sam offered unforgettable experiences for participants, contributing significantly to promoting local tourism products. 1. Impressively adventurous race On the morning of November 12, 2023, Cam Mountain Trail officially took […]

TMG’s Female ‘General’ of the Mekong Delta: ‘Gender is not the issue; it’s how competent you are that matters!’

TMG – “Women in high positions often aren’t as trusted as men. But that’s just the initial psychological barrier. After actually working together, stereotypes about gender completely disappear,” said Ms. Xuan Thu. Having been with Victoria Can Tho Resort since the 2000s, Ms. Vo Xuan Thu is currently the Cluster General Manager of the Mekong […]