Experience the “skylight of happiness” loved by thousands at L’Annam Restaurant

Experience the “skylight of happiness” loved by thousands at L’Annam Restaurant

TMG – What’s the secret ‘happy skylight’ that everyone’s been talking about at L’Annam Restaurant at Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa?

Located on the tranquil, lush grounds of Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa is a rustic, chic space called L’Annam Restaurant. The buzz among diners in-the-know has been that the L’Annam dining experience not only beguiles with an extensive range of unique and delicious specialties, but with its “skylight of happiness”, creating a wonderful setting in which to savor a soul-satisfying meal every time they visit Victoria Hoi An.

The space with the “skylight of happiness” elevates the value of each meal for every guest every time they visit Victoria Hoi An.

What’s so special about L’Annam’s “skylight of happiness”?

Blending in with the distinctive Indochina-inspired architecture of Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa, L’Annam Restaurant includes a central skylight that bathes the chic interior with natural light, brightening up one of Hoi An’s top dining destinations that’s much loved by both domestic and international visitors.

L’Annam Restaurant – characteristic Indochine space and architecture is a must-visit for any guest staying at the Victoria Hoi An & Spa.

A thoughtful feature that enhances the beauty of both the space and the architecture that hearkens back to an aesthetically stylish period of Vietnamese history, L’Annam Restaurant’s skylight allows warm, natural light to bathe the space, creating a seductive dance of light and shade, stimulating the production of happiness hormones that serve to elevate even further the tastiness of the meal.

Serotonin – The hormone of happiness

Serotonin, often referred to as the “happy hormone”, plays a pivotal role in regulating mood and mental health. According to studies, natural light has a positive effect on mood and digestion, as well as influencing our decisions to choose healthier foods by stimulating the body to secrete the happy hormone known as serotonin. In spaces with a lot of natural light, serotonin levels are increased, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

Spaces with plenty of natural light promote relaxation and reduce stress for humans.

Built on this knowledge, L’Annam Restaurant is designed with a skylight as well as large wood-framed windows and glass doors to help put diners in a positive, comfortable mood, thereby enhancing the culinary experience. The natural light shining through the skylight and glass doors creates a peaceful, relaxing space for diners at L’Annam.

Secrets of the Weeping Fig

However, there’s more to the skylight at L’Annam Restaurant. Nourished by the natural light is a large, thriving weeping fig (also known as a ficus) that brings the outdoors into the restaurant space.

A refreshing garden setting for a culinary experience at L’Annam.

According to feng shui beliefs, weeping figs symbolize prosperity, good luck and positive energy. When placed beneath the skylight, absorbing the energy from the sun, the weeping fig is thought to enhance and pass on that good energy to diners.

More than that, the weeping fig adds an earthy palette of Mother Nature’s colors including the green of the leaves and the gray-brown of the trunk and roots that injects an element of freshness to the culinary experience at L’Annam. Located within the resort grounds known for their lush greenery and modeled after a traditional Vietnamese fishing village, L’Annam Restaurant is also decked out in greenery, creating a sense of harmony and closeness with nature.

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