CEO Tran Trong Kien: Understanding that the business lasts much longer than the CEO helps us avoid short term behaviour.

CEO Tran Trong Kien: Understanding that the business lasts much longer than the CEO helps us avoid short term behaviour.

“Believing in a long term success of the Company helps the CEO avoid short term behaviour that affects customers and employees faith in the future”, said the Chairman and CEO of Thien Minh Group (TMG) – Tran Trong Kien

Human resource is the most important factor in the development of business performance. An effective human resource management helps the Company overcome difficulties in a competitive and constantly changing business environment. Nevertheless, “Talent Attraction “has become a critical issue.

A Survey of Manpower Group in 2016, based on 4,479 people, says that “Faith” is one of the top priorities when they are looking for work. However, this positive state easily disappears after a short time, which even just lasts from the first interview to the day accepting an offer.

Kien believes that there are two following reasons for this situation:

Firstly, the candidates can be disappointed by either the recruiters who are unskilful in creating inspiration or the ones who are extremely excellent in promoting their business in the first interview but there is no continuity in the next ones.

Secondly, the impossible mission of turning “promises” into “reality “after the time accepting an offer has also reduced the patience of the candidates.

As his point of view, each Company has their own methods for resolving issues. In TMG, employees are treated as they were the customers who create values for the Company. TMG is a server where the role of HR Management is not only focused on administrative but also creating inspiration.

“If a Human Resource Manager involves in general admin works only, the result is very bad” Kien said.

Employees are equal to the CEO

Business culture in such a multinational Corporation with many subsidiaries as TMG is equal. All employees (drivers, securities, tour guides, staffs) can approach and communicate with the CEO. In addition, TMG aims to create a forum in which the employees are recommended to share their thoughts about the Company.

Kien also emphasized that each Company had their own strategy for success. More specifically, what could be applied to this company does not mean that should be in the other ones.

Faith is one thing that TMG has always retained. This faith is based on the long term survival of the Group. “For the Companies that have been in existence for 23 years as TMG, promises are very important.” Kien said. Therefore, TMG has been constantly innovated in order to create faith between employers and employees

Moreover, the business lasts much longer than the CEO does. He said: “CEOs including the founder take up their position in a certain time. I do not think that I myself last forever but do hope that TMG does. In the fact that there are many such long term organizations in the world. This belief helps the CEO avoid short term behaviour aiming to achieve any purpose that affects employees, customers and business faith in the future”.

Source: CafeF