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1994 - 2005
The Early Years
The first footprint of TMG in the market with the establishment and development of Buffalo Tours.
1994 - 2005
2006 - 2010
The Perfect Pathway
Buffalo Tours has become one of the youngest successful brands in the Asian travel marketplace. The Brand’s backbone is its values centred around upkeeping the IDARE spirits, dare to do, dare to think.
2006 - 2010
Explosive Growth
Beyond the boundary of destinations management industry, TMG explores hospitality, aviation, and online booking industries.
2017 - Present
Divestment For Growth

July 2018, TMG announced that it had entered into an agreement with Flight Centre Travel Group Limited (FLT) for the sale of their shares in Buffalo Tours, Cho Lon Tours, Go Vacation Vietnam, Asia Outdoors and Thien Minh Transport.

The divestment of Buffalo Tours and other brands within the destination management portfolio is part of the Group’s portfolio transformation strategy. This milestone divestment, along with an incredible pipeline of investment projects, would pay a key role in supporting TMG in creating a highly attractive, competitive and well-balanced business, with the leverage of scale, technical expertise and customer-centric culture, which offer considerable upside potential over the long term.

2017 - Present

IDARE is a philosophy that motivates and drives TMG to grow continuously.

Aiming to bring customers journey of distinction for a lifetime, TMG understands the importance of partners who will go along with us in our mission for the highest successes.

During our establishment and development, we have always focused on finding partnerships with leading companies, enterprises, and groups in Vietnam, the Asian region, and all over the world. We created a strategic partnership with top companies in travel, hospitality, and transportations industry, to enhance our competitive competencies and to expand our markets. With this strategic journey, we have the conviction and drive to serve and create lifelong memories for our customers.


Peak DMC Vietnam achieves B Corp Status

The Intrepid Group has become the biggest travel company in the world to achieve ‘B Corporation’ status in recognition of its ‘purpose beyond profitability’. ‘B Corp’ status is an external kitemark that recognises ethical businesses which combine profit with purpose. To achieve this status, businesses must reach standards for social and environmental performance, accountability and […]

Sea and sky: Ha Long aboard the Emeraude

It’s hard to say what’s the most beautiful time of day in Halong Bay. Mornings are fresh with dew on the deck, evenings are magical with soft glowing skies, and the hours between are full of enriching views. For travellers coming to this UNESCO Heritage Site, Emeraude Classic Cruise is a ship that allows you to appreciate […]

Thien Minh Group sponsored Vietnam Tourism Roadshow in Vienna, Austria

On June 22, 2018, Vietnam National Administation of Tourism (VNAT), in coordination with Thien Minh Group and Vietnam Airlines, successfully organized Vietnam Tourism Roadshow in Vienna. This was the first time that Vietnam Tourism Roadshow had been officially represented at the very famous Niederösterreich Palace in Vienna, Austria. With the historical significance and longstanding culture […]