This is the hidden recipe for TMG Kindness !

TMG – Now upon a time, there is a company called Thien Minh Group which has spent three decades building and following three essential core values. One of them is kindness.

In these last few days of 2022, Ms. Ninh Hanh, Head of the People Department at Thien Minh Group (TMG), has kindly managed some time to share about the genuine kindness nurtured at TMG.

Today I will share a bit about the company culture. 

Kindness is one of the core values that the company has developed. After 28 years of establishment and development, kindness has become a significant core value. What is kindness? That is, being kind to employees, departments, and member companies are kind to each other. And kindness has become a culture in which everyone lives and works. 

By being kind, the company will develop sustainably, and we can overcome all challenges together.

1. What is Thien Minh Group's definition of kindness, can you tell us?

Humans, when we were born, had kindness in our minds. When you join Thien Minh, the company is a healthy environment, encouraging the development of that kindness, nurturing the kindness of employees, and allowing it to grow. I understand that everyone wants to do kind things and also receive kindness from others, especially from colleagues, because every day, they spend most of their time living and working with each other. 

At Thien Minh, kindness exists in the relationship between managers to employees, colleagues to each other, or between employees and customers. That kind of kindness is one of the key points that help departments work together closely and support each other through all the difficulties. 

The company’s policy also shows its kindness to employees. The company faced incredible challenges during the last pandemic. There was a period of zero sales. However, the company always tried to keep everyone employed and share information so that employees knew the company’s current business status. And that sharing also received kindness from employees and helped the company overcome the most challenging period of the pandemic. 

From minor things like in the morning, the security guard takes care of the employees’ motorbikes and greets them with a smile to make people feel very welcome when they come to work. That greeting people with a bright smile like this makes them happy. As a result, people feel energized, always feel loved, and want to work at the company.

2. So, how kind is TMG treating its employees?

At Thien Minh Group, we see that serving customers outside is as essential as serving internal customers. Every employee in the company is an internal customer and is respected and served thoughtfully. The management also sees that it is important to serve employees so that they feel attached and love the company. It is why the human resources department at our company is also called the people department. We are people-centric, and all we do is serve our internal customers and employees. We find ways to make our employees love the company, love to work here, and stick with the company for a long time.

3. From employees' view, how does the People Department do kindness?

Kindness exists from very simple things. Before entering the company, when they apply to work at Thien Minh, they are already communicating with the human resources department. The human resources department will provide all the information about the corporation, about the job. We help them gain confidence to make crucial decisions related to their career path and personal development and help them see if this is an environment they want to be in for the long term. That is the first kindness. Once they’re in, they will be warmly welcomed and provided with information and job knowledge to ensure they can confidently do their jobs right from the start.

4. What kind of person is influential in a global company like TMG?

At TMG, each employee sees themselves as one of the organization’s important members and sees the company has many growth opportunities. If they want other, more enormous challenges, the company allows them to participate in many projects. So that they can show off their potential. If they have the ability, they can shine and be recognized for doing good work. That’s why the company’s development goes along with the individual contributions of each person, each employee here.

5. You've just mentioned benefits for employees, so what is their responsibility?

No company can develop sustainably based on an unhealthy environment. Therefore, to have the opportunity to develop, get promoted, and earn a high income, each employee must be responsible for building a healthy and kind cultural environment. Unquestionably the company at that time will become a kind company and will develop sustainably.

6. Can you share with us how has TMG built up a company environment with kindness?

More easily said than done, but you need to start first to achieve your goals later. Many a little makes a mickle. Let’s start with the smallest things, the slightest kindness. Then we will multiply kindness within the company and spread kindness to the whole society. At that time, we will have an environment full of kind actions and people, and at that time, everyone will feel happy.

7. There is a reality in society nowadays, its “true kindness or slave of being kind”. What do you think about it?

Your question reminds me of a recent case. 

There’s a guy named Hề working at a hotel in the group. One day, he was seriously ill. Not many people in the company knew about Mr. Hề, and some had never even met him. However, when hearing such information and circumstances, we felt we had a responsibility to our colleague, so together, many people raised a fund. 

Fortunately, Mr. Hề overcame the illness and returned to work. It was just a small act. But it also showed that kindness always exists. For the past two and a half years, we’ve been in the heavily impacted tourism industry, and getting through that period has not been easy. When life is still challenging, everyone has to take care of their life, but spending a part of their income to help when their colleagues are in trouble, is one of the actions people are always ready to take. That support is very kind. 

Here, I want to mention the second level of kindness. No one was forced to do things they were not ready or unwilling to do, but in their hearts, they felt it was necessary and shared as much as they wanted. When we don’t feel like we should do something, we shouldn’t force it, but when we believe in something important and meaningful, we will naturally do it.

8. Do you think that kindness will be an unavoidable trend? If it is, what do we have to do?

As society develops, kindness will be the general goal. Let’s start with simple things like smiling, helping each other and overcoming difficulties together, offering solutions to work, and always cooperating in the spirit of solidarity, giving away and expecting none.

9. Are there any maxim or quotations that you were inspired by?

I find it very interesting what Uncle Ho once wrote:

“Faces all have an honest look in sleep

Only when they wake does good or evil show in them

Good and evil are not qualities born in man

More often than not, they arise from our education.”

10. Is there anything else that you want to share with us today?

Thank you to our loyal customers who have always loved and supported TMG, especially during the recent difficult time. And I look forward to your continued support in the future. Come with us and experience the best travel services in Vietnam.

Thank you so much for your sharing.

Through 28 years of establishment and development, Thien Minh Group is honored to be one of Southeast Asia’s leading corporations providing tourism and hotel services. The group’s four main fields of activities are Destination Management, Hospitality, Aviation, and Online, with 10 hotels and resorts, 20 restaurants & bars, 20 cruises and boats, and seaplanes. With well-known brands adored by many domestic and foreign tourists, TMG prides to be a faithful companion that brings the most exceptional experiences to tourists in their itineraries.

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