Vietnam tourism captures the hearts of international tourists

Vietnam tourism captures the hearts of international tourists

TMG – With delicious beer and food, lovely conical hats, and unique dances to represent the image of a beautiful Vietnam with rich tourism services, TMG successfully captures the heart of the international markets.

Starting from April 2022, Thien Minh Group (TMG) in collaboration with Vietnam’s national airline Vietnam Airlines (VNA) organize a series of events to promote Vietnamese tourism in international markets. These activities take place after Vietnam reopened its border to foreign tourists and restored visa waiver policies before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Guests at the “Vietnam Reopening” event in London. Photo: TMG.
Guest had wonderful moments at the “Vietnam Reopening” event. Photo: TMG.

The first two events, “Vietnam Reopening” taking place in London on April 7, and “Fly Vietnam Airlines, Rediscover Vietnam” taking place in Singapore on April 12, attracted special attention and numerous participants from travel agent companies and foreigners who wish to return to explore beautiful Vietnam.

Guests enjoyed the night at “Vietnam Reopening”. Photo: TMG.

The series of events promoting Vietnam tourism by TMG and VNA will continue in Germany, the US, South Korea, Japan, and Australia so that images of exceptional Vietnam will get to more audiences. Do not miss out on our series because apart from the amazing offers of TMG in the Summer High campaign this year, we also offer remarkable gifts for lucky attendees.

Delicious food served at the “Vietnam Reopening”. Photo: TMG.
Guests enjoyed the night with conical hats. Photo: TMG.