See Halong Bay by seaplane: 25 minutes of mesmerizing scenery featuring large and small islands, limestone mountains and the deep blue sea

See Halong Bay by seaplane: 25 minutes of mesmerizing scenery featuring large and small islands, limestone mountains and the deep blue sea

TMG If you’ve seen Halong Bay many times by ship, small boat or kayak, then prepare to experience something new on board an amphibious seaplane (complete with water landings).

Thuỷ phi cơ Hải Âu 

About 3 hours drive from Hanoi, Halong City (Quang Ninh) is a popular destination for many families, groups of friends, or solo travelers looking for somewhere to relax and explore the majesty of nature. In particular, Halong Bay is a much sought-after attraction for its gorgeous seascapes, often pictured and written about in well-known publications and featured on social networks.

Thanks to its picturesque natural beauty, Halong Bay has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site, welcoming many domestic and international visitors each year. If you have had the chance to visit Halong Bay by yacht, small boat, or kayak in the past, get ready to experience something new on board an amphibious seaplane (able to land on water) from Hai Au Aviation.

A member of Thien Minh Group, Hai Au Aviation is the only seaplane sightseeing provider offering passengers tremendous panoramic views of Halong Bay. Aboard our flights, visitors will be able to admire the majestic scenery, including magnificent views of the nearly 2,000 limestone islands rising from the emerald green water, spread over an area of nearly 2,000 square km.

Hai Au Aviation
Hai Au Aviation is proud to be a pioneer in commercial seaplane services in Vietnam, bringing a new and unique sightseeing experience to Vietnam’s most outstanding landscape.

The 25-minute excursion takes in four archipelagos: Tuan Chau – Dau Be – Cong Do – Bo Hon. Flying over each grouping of islands, the captain and co-pilot will in turn introduce the location, share interesting facts and legends, as well as talk about the activities of the fishing villages in the area.

The best time to sightsee is in full sunlight when the sun has cleared away the early morning mist so that visitors can best enjoy the panoramic views of Halong Bay.

Hai Au Aviation
Hai Au Aviation provides a 25-minute excursion, taking visitors to explore the beauty of the natural heritage site of Ha Long Bay.

Flights leave from Tuan Chau Island, blessed by Mother Nature with breathtaking landscapes. Tuan Chau has been likened to a beautiful pearl with long stretches of fine sandy beaches and clear blue water.

The seaplane flight continues to the Dau Be archipelago, in the direction of Hai Phong, which is the boundary between Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. Looking down, visitors will see pristine islands with steep cliffs resembling rock-solid city walls, towering in the middle of the vast sea, standing silently against wind and waves.

At each location, the captain and co-pilot will introduce in detail the history and outstanding features that passengers can see from above.

Hai Au Aviation
Both Vietnamese and foreign tourists enjoy the scenic flight on the seaplane.

Each small island cluster has a different formation, making it a unique sight. The Dau Be archipelago is home to islands including Hang Trai, Tra Ngu, and Da Le, attracting millions of domestic and international visitors.

Ha Long Bay
From a height of 300m, Ha Long Bay captivates tourists with thousands of islets rising out of the emerald waters and floating villages.

Also on the flight path is the Cong Do island group. Considered the most wild and untouched area in all of Halong Bay, this archipelago is known for its many natural lakes. Just off the beaches, there is a large and very colorful coral reef, which has the potential to be developed into an eco-tourism site in the future.

Because the island is virtually untouched, trees completely surround the island, with towering limestone mountains in the center, the highest reaching 172m. All these elements combine to create a truly stunning vista. The island is also known for its many dandelions, which add a pop of color to the rocky ravines.

The next notable point is Bo Hon Island, home to several famous attractions, including Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave, Fairy Lake, Virgin Cave, and Drum Cave. This island also has steep cliffs, which stand as timeless sentries. Surrounded by clear blue water, this grouping transforms into a beautiful painting created by Mother Nature.

After visiting the four archipelagos, the seaplane will take visitors back to the starting point at Tuan Chau Island. As guests deplane, they can think back on their incredible journey and the emotions stirred up by this truly unique sightseeing trip. Seeing Halong Bay by seaplane is definitely the best way to witness what nature has gifted to the Vietnamese people.

Hai Au Aviation
The unique journey to Ha Long Bay on Hai Au seaplanes always leaves unforgettable memories in the hearts of visitors.

The Cessna Grand Caravan 208B-EX seaplane can carry up to 12 passengers and is equipped with modern aviation technology, including weather radar, a storm tracking system, and GPS. All flights and bodies of water have been surveyed and approved for use according to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam. The Cessna Grand Caravan 208B-EX is the world’s largest single-engine aircraft as well as the safest single-engine aircraft when it comes to water landings, according to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

With the capacity to operate to high international standards, Hai Au Aviation is one of the few airlines in Vietnam that is not only licensed to operate scenic flights by Cessna aircraft in Vietnam and Asia but also to operate charter flights to Europe, the USA, and Canada.

The cost to explore Halong Bay from above by Hai Au seaplane ranges from VND 1.6 million/person (weekdays) to VND 1.8 million/person (weekends). This rate applies to Vietnamese citizens and foreigners living in Vietnam.

For 5 consecutive years since 2019, the World Travel Awards has named Hai Au Aviation “Asia’s Leading Seaplane Operator.

Source: CAFEF