A glimpse of TMG’s 2022 effort in promoting Vietnam Tourism!

TMG – As soon as Vietnam reopened its borders in March 2022, Thien Minh Group was one of the first groups to promote Vietnam in overseas markets to bring back international travelers.

The end of lunar 2022 is near. To look back at 2022 is to look back at the year of endless efforts. TMG and its strategic partners, like Vietnam Airlines, have done much to promote Vietnam tourism to international travelers, bringing truly quality tourism products and services from a safe and fantastic country. 

Throughout an amazing journey in 9 cities, and 8 countries from Asia, Europe to North America, and Oceania, TMG was proud to join hands in promoting Vietnam tourism to the world. Each city and country TMG set foot in has left unforgettable memories for our overseas partners and TMG staff ourselves. Let’s look back at valuable moments to understand and treasure TMG’s efforts, as well as those of our beloved partners, during the past year to bring Vietnam back to the world’s tourism map

Happy Lunar New Year 2023!

Through 29 years of establishment and development, Thien Minh Group is honored to be one of Southeast Asia’s leading corporations in providing tourism and hotel services. Four main fields activities of the group are Hospitality, Aviation, Destination Management, and Online, with 10 hotels and resorts, 20 restaurants & bars, 20 cruises and boats, and seaplanes. With well-known brands adored by many domestic and foreign tourists, TMG prides to be a faithful companion that brings the most exceptional experiences to tourists in their itineraries.

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