Unforgettable Beach Drifts: Range Rover Sport 2023 Takes on TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An’s Off-Road Track

Unforgettable Beach Drifts: Range Rover Sport 2023 Takes on TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An’s Off-Road Track

TMG – Tam Tien Beach, one of Vietnam’s most beautiful and pristine beaches, is more splendid than ever, with each excellent Range Rover Sport car drifting on the beach.

TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An Beach, a beachfront resort member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), has recently brought beach and sports car fans an eye-catching performance on Tam Tien Beach, next to the off-road UTV racing BLUE Beach Track which the resort has put into operation for weeks.

On the nearly 1 km long sandy terrain race track next to TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An and Tam Tien Beach, the Land Rover Vietnam team demonstrated the best drifts the new Range Rover Sport 2023 all-terrain vehicles could perform. The activity was within the evaluation framework of the latest models in 2023.

Let’s look back at the off-road memories on BLUE Beach Track in the launch event held at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An.

The BLUE Beach Track and adventurous off-road racing service are a unique addition to TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An’s long list of travel services and products oriented towards building a travel destination associated with unique sports and entertainment activities. Not only does it offer UTV racing, but the BLUE Beach Track is also open for all other off-road experiences for other vehicles as long as customers require.

Founded in 1994, TMG has grown from a company with three employees to a business with more than 2,500 employees working worldwide. Thien Minh is proud to be Asia’s leading company providing package travel services with the motto of customer-centricity. With four business pillars: Destination Management, Hospitality, Online, and Aviation, TMG is the perfect piece in journeys with diverse visitor experiences.

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