Seashells with soul at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An

Seashells with soul at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An

TMG – Through the skillful hands and deft touch of an artisan from Quang Nam, seashells collected from Tam Tien Beach are being transformed into beautiful, soulful works of art at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An resort.

Upon arriving at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An, a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), visitors are not only impressed by the beautiful scenery and wide range of activities on offer but also by the discovery experiences that link the sea with local culture.

Among these experiences, turning seashells into unique works of art is an especially memorable activity for guests at the art gallery at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An.

According to Mr. Vo Cao Dinh, an artisan who breathes new life into seashells at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An, it just takes a bit of time and creativity to turn inanimate seashells into all sorts of shapes with character to give as gifts or to keep as souvenirs for guests and their loved ones.

Mr. Vo Cao Dinh shares his experience of making seashell art at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An:

“I am a child of the sea, so I often take my children to the seaside in the afternoons to collect seashells. We found ourselves with a small pile of shells so I began forming them into little turtles for my children to play with. At first it was just turtles, then I had an idea to make chickens and frogs and from there, I was hooked! Gradually, people started to hear about my seashell art.

To start, I go out to collect seashells in the afternoon, when the tide is out and the water is shallow. I then clean them and put them in a shady spot because they tend to fade if exposed to direct sunlight. After cleaning the seashells, I’ll pick through them to see which shells lend themselves to forming certain animals. I still find this part fascinating. I enjoy inspiring people with my creations. I especially like helping children from 5 to 10 years old make their own seashell art.

There are many different animals to choose from. When I work with children from 5 to 7 years old, I’ll help them make simpler models, while for kids aged 7-10 years, I’ll let them choose their favorite animals and help them make what they like.”

Besides animals, Mr. Dinh makes other products such as vases and paintings for the international market. Working with TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An, his goal is to showcase the people of Quang Nam and the beauty of Tam Tien Beach to international friends.

“Three or four months ago, I was invited to TUI BLUE to create seashell art for guests to experience at the resort as well as to help younger guests create their own seashell art.

As a child of the sea at Tam Tien, I also want to promote the image of Tam Tien to the world so that people will know that Quang Nam is not just Hoi An but that Tam Tien is also home to a wild kind of natural beauty with very beautiful people.

Thank you to TUI BLUE for giving me the opportunity to interact with friends staying at the resort so that they can better understand the people of Tam Tien as well as experience the fantastic art gallery. I would also like to remind everyone that Quang Nam province has more than just Hoi An; there’s also Tam Tien with its gorgeous scenery and wonderful, friendly people. Tam Tien also has beautiful craft villages, beaches and fish markets. I hope that if you have the opportunity to come to Tam Tien, you’ll also stay at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An and experience how local people here really live and work.”

To learn more about the seashell art experience at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An Resort, please contact:

Hotline: 1800599955

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